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Just last week, i shared with you, at Home Design Ideas, some images of 5 brilliant buildings that will be unveiled this year.  They are absolutely astonishing and they represent the best work of outstanding architects. The future of architecture is going to be brilliant. When i was doing some research for today’s post i found an exclusive blog post on Modern Home Decor that give us an inside look into a beautiful Scandinavian building designed by 3XN . It was unveiled yesterday!

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“Hi, how are you? Today, Modern Home Decor has something exclusive to share with you, one of the best buildings unveiled 2014. 3XN had designed the new headquarter for Swedbank and its inaugurated today, in Stockholm.”

"Swedbank headquarter designed by 3xn" Scandinavian building

A brand new scandinavian building emerges and 2,500 employees will move into the new 45,000 m2 headquarters in the Stockholm suburb of Sundbyberg, 5 kilometres from the city center. The new Swedbank headquarters will be one of Sweden’s most modern and innovative office buildings, focusing on Scandinavian simplicity, transparency and dynamic social environments.

"Swedbank headquarter designed by 3xn" Scandinavian building

Openness, simplicity, care and durability were the four things that Swedbank asked first. With that, 3XN designed an architecture based directly on the organization’s profile as a solid, financially sound and modern bank, interpreted through 3XN’s philosophy on behavior and architecture.

Swedbank-headquarter-3xn Scandinavian building

This is one of the most beautiful buildings in Sweden and it wasn’t  easy to build. We’ve met the architect, Kim Herforth Nielsen, and he told us the hardest things that he found:

“The challenges have been many: A fairly small site, a big open working environment that we wanted to be human scale, so we formed the building as a WW with 5 atria and a big diversity in scales, like an indoor cityscape, small scale, big scale, so people can find the place they enjoy to be in and it is a success already, it is a new way to do workplaces. Lots of daylight for everybody and a big variety in furniture.”

Swedbank-headquarter-3xn Scandinavian building

The building also boasts 3 roof terraces, to provide Swedbank staff with a recreational zone with a fantastic view making this one of the best offices in the world. Swedbank’s sustainability strategy is highly ambitious.  The new Headquarters has received a Gold certification from the Swedish sustainability rating system, the ‘Miljöbyggnad’. This supports Swedbank’s core value ‘care’ that furthermore covers social sustainability.

Swedbank-headquarter-3xn Scandinavian building

This project was possible thanks to the cooperation between 3XN and developer Humlegaarden Fastigheder, who is the client of the project.

"Swedbank headquarter designed by 3xn" Scandinavian building "Swedbank headquarter designed by 3xn" Scandinavian building Swedbank-headquarter-3xn Scandinavian building Swedbank-headquarter-3xn  "Swedbank headquarter designed by 3xn" "Swedbank headquarter designed by 3xn"   "Swedbank headquarter designed by 3xn""Swedbank headquarter designed by 3xn"

Photography: Adam Mørk


Architect: 3XN
Client: Humlegården Fastigheter
Tenant: Swedbank
Engineer: P O Andersson Konstruktionsbyrå AB, Ikkab, Hillstatik
Landscape architect: LAND Arkitektur AB
Interior decoration: Tengbom (3XN has been responsible for the foyer)
Project Manager: FORSEN PROJEKT AB
Facade: Skandinaviska Glassystem AB – SGS

Time line:
Construction start: April 2011
Construction finish: May 2014
Inauguration: May 20, 2014
Swedbank moves in June 2nd.

Info about the building: 
Address: Landsvägen, Sundbyberg
Function: Headquarters
Area: 45,000 m2 with up to 2.500 office spaces
(35,000 m2 office, 10,000 m2 parking)
Floors: 9 (2 basement floors for parking)
Construction: Concrete and steel
Facade: aluminium and glass
Floor: A black stone floor in Swedish Diabas in the foyer, wooden floors at the office floors
Address: Landsvägen, Sundbyberg, Stockholm


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Source:  Modern Home Decor