The 7 home regrets that you must avoid

Let’s face it. Throughout life almost everybody collects home regrets. Some more important than others. The best way to not have these regrets, is to listen the advises of the wisest people around us. That can save us from a few “I should/ shouldn’t have done it”.

In the last weeks, i, at Home Design Ideas, have shared with you some tips and trips on how you can improve your home in the best way possible, to make it a unique and personal space that you and your family will enjoy.

This weekend i read a very good post at Apartment Therapy in which were revealed the 7  home regrets that you must avoid.

It’s time for you to discover them and too see if you and your house are in sync! Make it your corner in this world!

The 7 home regrets that you must avoid

– Not doing any real personalizing to your space because it’s not your “forever” home

Renting a home feels like a temporary solution. It isn’t completely our home but we must transform it so that we can feel more comfortable and happy. You deserve to end the day in a space that is what you need, that reflects who you are.

– You didn’t push past your comfort zone

Sometimes, while we’re decorating our home, we don’t want to take any big risks. We’re afraid that a new, completely different home decor will ruin everything…Get out of your comfort zone and take some chances! You might learn new things and create a very unique interior design that you will fall in love!

The 7 home regrets you must avoid"
Comfortable and modern apartment design

– You apologized all the time about home things

What others think about your home is just that…what others think. You don’t have to say sorry for anything. It’s your home, it’s your space and you do with it what you want. Is that simple!

– You didn’t make and keep good home habits

You must learn how to organize your home to become increasingly easy to clean and repair.

– You didn’t home in on your personal style

Sometimes is very cool to follow the latest home decor trend and styles, but a style is very generic. Adapt your home to you. Create a style that you can identify as yours. Your home must be you.

The 7 home regrets you must avoid"  home regrets
Comfy living room

– You compromised too much (or too little) with partners

If you have a family, your house must be a nice, comfortable place for everyone. Listen what everyone thinks and try to decor your home in a way that everyone can be happy.

– You didn’t share your home enough

Life is only good if you can share it with somebody. Same happens with your home. Let people have a nice time in your house. The important thing is to have fun with people you care in a place you love!

The 7 home regrets you must avoid" home regrets
Bedroom decor

Your home must be you. Don’t forget that. Your corner in this world must reflect you even if you’re staying in a house for a few months. You need to have a place in which you feel good and happy!

I hope you have enjoyed this article!

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Source: Apartment Therapy