The house that appears to levitate

Located in Paredes, Portugal, there’s a house that appears to defy gravity!

Created by Portuguese studio  spaceworkers, this astonishing house gives us the sensation of floating! To explain you how this is possible i have to quote “Design Boom“!

“The ‘be-house’ consists of a megalithic mono-block that sits atop a transparent volume with panels of glazing. the elevated portion of the structure contains the service functions and private spaces, while the open level below consists of more public programs, offering a direct connection to the outside and surrounding decks. juxtaposing materials such as wood, black stone on the base and the concrete block on the upper level, help to further heighten the sense of contrast the exists between the building and its form.”

Check these fantastic images of the “levitating house”

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"The levitating house" house that appearsA large monolithic volume hovers over the transparent base

"The levitating house" house that appearsView through the covered pool area

"The levitating house" house that appearsLight filters through to the living room

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"The levitating house" house that appearsDifferent materials are used to create a sense of contrast between the layers

Would you mid to live in this place? I wouldn’t!

I hope you enjoyed this article!

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Source: Design Boom