"The perfect sofas for your living room"

The perfect sofas for your living room

This is serious business! Choosing the perfect sofas for your living room must be on top of your decor list! Sofas are so much more than functional furniture. They must be a centerpiece of your living room, the focal point of your space.

So today, Home Design Ideas will share with you fantastic sofa designs that are a great addition to any living room. These unique sofas can turn your boring room into the most spectacular and comfortable space  of your home.

Take a look at this stylish and luxurious designs that will make you wish a brand new comfortable sofa!

Hermes by Brabbu

“Hermes, from Greek Mythology, God of boundaries, travel and communication was the inspiration of HERMES Sofa. This upholstery luxury piece is the result of a message that travelled through time and space, gaining shape. The message is all about breaking every boundaries regarding interior decoration. There are no limits for HERMES Sofa, you choose the ambience and this fierce design piece adapts itself to it. Send your own message through HERMES, a cozy piece that combines harmoniously the softness of the velvet with the strength of the legs in oak with walnut stain.”

"The perfect sofas for your living room"perfect sofasHermes by Brabbu

Colette by Koket

“A tribute to Parisian Femininity. The vibe is flirty, a little delicate, ever so slightly vintage. Fully upholstered tight back sofa with an elegant lacquered band leading to a sleek and elegant feet.”

"The perfect sofas for your living room"

Colette by Koket

Versailles by Boca do Lobo

“The creativity and rich decoration of the Versailles Palace contributed to the inspiration of the creation of this exuberant sofa. The only sofa from Boca do Lobo opens the way to freedom and the need of bringing extravagant creations to life”

"The perfect sofas for your living room"Versailles by Boca do Lobo

Gentry by Patricia Urquiola for Moroso

“The new sofa designed by Patricia Urquiola fosters a return to industrial design’s capacity for technical and aesthetic designing of products destined for the retail market.
The collection’s strength is its almost basic simplicity which imbues it with character and modernity yet, at the same time, its silhouette has the added attractively graceful touch of a gentle arch in the frame to ensure the right structural balance of solids and voids.
With large, soft cushions to make it exceptionally comfortable, Gentry sofa’s discreet personality enables it perfectly to blend into any interior décor or setting. “

"The perfect sofas for your living room"Gentry by Patricia Urquiola for Moroso

George by Antonio Citterio for B&B Italia

“The new sofa George for the project collection is a derivative of the classic product originally created by Antonio Citterio in 2001. For the contract office market the product has been revised with fuller cushions both seat and back that create an elegant and confortable seating range with a higher formal seat height. “

"The perfect sofas for your living room"George by Antonio Citterio for B&B Italia

These are 5 examples of the perfect sofas that you must have in your home. They are luxurious, stylish and comfortable options for anyone who wants to create an exclusive, magnificent living room decor. These unique sofas can turn your boring room into the most spectacular and comfortable space  of your home.

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Images: B&B ItaliaMorosoBoca do LoboKoketBrabbu