The signs that say you need a house on the beach

You can ask anyone: “would you like to have a beautiful house on the beach?” Most of them will answer “Yes”.

Having a house near the beach is tempting , especially in the summer. You can’t deny it. That’s why millions of people look for a beach house  to stay in their deserved vacations.

There are some signs that say if you are a person that need to live in a home that isn’t too far from a beautiful beach. Today i will share with you 10 signs that say you need to live near the ocean.

Take a look 🙂 You will like it!

Sign #1

“Sun-soaked rooms are essential to your happiness.”

Sign #2

“Even though you don’t have palm trees swaying in your backyard, they’re growing inside.”

Sign #3

“White walls paired with white upholstery, to some is plain, to you it’s everything.”

"Signs that say that you must live in a beach house" house on the beach

Luxury house on the beach

Sign #4

“Paintings of boats and beaches cover your walls.”


“Although you prefer stepping on sand, your flooring is either jute or limestone.”

Sign #6

“You proudly display your seashell collection throughout the house.”

"Signs that say that you must live in a beach house" house on the beach
Sun soaked beach house

Sign #7

“At your house, every meal is eaten with bamboo flatware.”

Sign #8

“Blue and white, blue and white, blue and white! Waves crashing onto a white sand beach is your home’s color muse.”

Sign #9

“If it’s wrapped in rope (frames, flower pots, mirrors—you name it!) you’ll buy it.”

Sign #10

“As far as you’re concerned, it’s 5 o’clock somewhere”

"Signs that say that you must live in a beach house" house on the beach
House along the beach

So…do you have any of these symptoms? 🙂 Are you a person that need to live in some beautiful beach house like these ones? Tell me!

I hope you have enjoyed this article!

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Source: House Beautiful