Tips to Create a Great Space Using Jazz Inspiring Furniture

Home Design Ideas presents you today a collection of decor objects inspired in music. But not any music: this design projects they have jazz as inspiration.

The furniture that we bring today is good to supplement modern rooms, but perfect to be in vintage spaces. So, if there’s been a lot of time that you want to redecorate your house, giving it a magic and retro atmosphere, you should read this article in an very attentive way, because it may be the best way of building the best interior design project.


Pixers jazz
Pixers jazz

The use of these wallpapers does the two rooms seem bigger and this, together with the suspension lamp, results in a perfect vintage space.


BOTTI lamp - DelightFULL jazz
BOTTI lamp – DelightFULL

This cozy caffé has many vintage details that are clearly inspired in jazz music.

Amy lamps - DelightFULL
Amy lamps – DelightFULL

The floral curtain and leather sofa make this space to seem so vintage, but the DelightFULL foot and table lamps also have it important role.

Monocles - Gold Sideboard by DelightFULL
Monocles – Gold Sideboard by DelightFULL

A stunning gold sideboard, again by the portuguese brand DelightFULL.

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