tips to make your house awesome

Hello my beloved ones!

Today I bring you nice suggestions for your home decor, as always. Maybe you’re a bit disappointed with your house, because it is boring and lifeless (just saying). But it is a problem that will end today… Wanna bet? We have the best suggestions to transforme your corner into a cozy but crazy and happy modern house. You can and YOU SHOULD spice your house a little more, because it is the place that welcomes you when you’re tired at the end of the day.

to Make Your House Awesome 2

tips to Make Your House Awesome

Stairs doesn’t have to be only to go up and down. They can be good for some storage. Transforme your stairs into a bookcase or into a closet to keep your shoes.

tips to Make Your House Awesome 7

And what about doors? You can use it to play ping-pong. 🙂 (I knoooowww, crazy right?)

tips to Make Your House Awesome 3

Having a swinging dining set, a sand pit office desk (my dream) or to sleep with the fishes is old school kind of stuff don’t you get it?

tips to Make Your House Awesome 5tips to Make Your House Awesome 4

Tree houses are cool. But having an inside tree house at your kids room will be even cooler.

tips to Make Your House Awesome 6

To terrify your guests, be inspired by this crazy bathroom. I am speachless. And you?

Hope you liked our home design ideas. Who’s your friend? 🙂


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