Top 5 dining room lights

Another day rises and again we want to give you some good decor tips. Today we are writing you about dining room lights. As you will see, there are so many options for your dining area, that it turns out to be a difficult choice. But we are here to help, giving you the top 5 for dining room lights. It could be modern, vintage, mid-century, whatever you like. The aim is for you to have the most beautiful and stylish house ever. Let’s make it happen, lovers!

The best lighting choice for a dining area is, without any doubt, a ceiling light. Of course you can use floor lamps too, but there’s something special about having a beautiful pendant light on top of your dining table.

Le Soleil is a modern suspension lamp made in policarbonato and available in three colors (white, red and aquamarine). This lamp, by FOSCARINI, is so feminine and beautiful that you will want it in your own home or project.

Top 5 dining room lights 1

Again by this italian brand, Planet, a suspension lamp without inside structure. It is available in two different measures, perfect for an employment both in the domestic spaces or in contract environments. Planet embodies different personalities thanks to the color options: white for a more classical and discreet style, red for a stronger presence.

Top 5 dining room lights 2

By ARTEMIDE, a fascinating ceiling light. It may seems fragile, but it isn’t. The central light is amplified through the surrounding elements. We present you, Atomo.

Top 5 dining room lights 4

By the same producer, Castore. “The spherical diffuser design is enhanced by a removable-fitting and tapering luminous stem, that makes a sweet transition from the strong diffuser light to the blind lamp structure area”, they say in the official site.

Top 5 dining room lights 5


Last but not least, a Tom Dixon’s art piece. Etch Shade Black was inspired by the logic of pure mathematics. This modern chandelier has a detailed pattern which casts a mass of intricate shadows when lit and it could be hung above a dining table, for example. This lovely piece is also available in brass, copper and steel.

Top 5 dining room lights 3

Enjoy our tips, and be happy!

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