Top design projects with cooper light

Prepare yourself for a copper inception. Presenting the top design projects with copper, which make a living space an unforgettable shiny memory.

 Top design projects with cooper light - Tom Dixon

Copper Shade Pendants, by Tom Dixon

A sun inside your kitchen that makes the day seems longer and harmer. In opposition with a black ceiling that highlights even more the cooper pendants. The gray cabinets paired with black countertops and a gray center island make an outstanding set, topped with black counter and wall of floor to ceiling cabinets.

Top design projects with cooper light - Delightfull

Charles, by Delightfull

Glossy black and gold plated copper, Charles let you know that there are no boundaries in lightning lux design, due to this charming combination between straight lines and dotted details. This lamp is a pure statement of sophistication and taste. Its handmade copper plated body will give to any living room, dining room or lobby a distinguished mood revealed by 20 glossy black lampshades.

Top design projects with cooper light - Lightyears

Orient P1 pendant, by Lightyears

The orient at your livingroom, a flawless light design alied to good luminous efficacy. A piece with history: created by Jo Hammerborg in 1963, was relaunced by Lightyears. The elegance of cooper glow combined with rosewood that makes the top dark and creates a natural connection with the tightly woven black textile cord.

op design projects with cooper light - Coco Flip Design Studio

Mr. Cooper, by Coco Flip Design Studio

This one is inspired by the old tin can telephone, with its round bases that make us remember how simple could be to start a conversation. A tribute to a time that won´t come back, a light that tell us a story with dreams inside. The shades are designed to be hung in a cluster and it could be applied alone or in several spots to make a beautiful light effect.

Top design projects with cooper light - Breemer Product House

Copper lights, by David Derksen

Only a cooper sheet is needed to fold and construct these spectacular lights with stable forms. Handmade in Netherlands with passion and attention to details, it’s a cooper dream dancing in a contemporary ambience.  It reflects the surroundings and each face gets a different astonishing tone, from dark brown to red or orange.


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