TOP Epic ‘February 28’ Happenings In The World’s History

Hello my beloved ones,

Today is the last day of the month (that’s why I love February). So, in order to celebrate the last day of my favourite month, I decided to make some research to find out some of the most important or iconic moments over the years that took place at this day. And I think I nailed it!

28 February

So, what you’ll find in this post are some of the most iconic February 28 happenings in the world’s history. Some may be related to arts, other to religion, politics or even health, but the thing is they all represent important cultural and social events. Let’s be just a little bit more educated:

1759 – At this year, Pope Clement XIII allows Bible to be translated into various languages.

1838 – 79 years later, Robert Nelson, leader of the Patriotes Rebellion, proclaims the independence of Lower Canada (today known as Québec).

1847 – Wars are not positive happenings, but they are part of our past and unfortunately, part of our present. In 1847, US defeats Mexico in battle of Sacramento.

1862 – The epic Opera “La Reine de Saba” premieres in Paris, at Salle Le Peletie.

Opera 'La Reine de Saba', Paris
Opera ‘La Reine de Saba’, Paris

1903 – Barney Dreyfuss & James Potter buys Philadelphia Phillies for $170,000. It was on sale? (just a joke.)

1917 – Associated Press reports Mexico & Japan will allie with Germany if US enters WWI.

1953  American molecular biologists James D. Watson and Francis Crick announce to friends that they have discovered the double-helix structure of DNA (the molecule that contains the human genes) in a Cambridge University laboratory. The official announcement was made in a different date.

James D. Watson and Francis Crick discovered double-helix structure of DNA

1954  The first color television sets using the NTSC standard was offered for sale to the general public.

1976 – 18th Grammy Awards: Natalie Cole wins!

1983 – Was released the last episode of MASH, with almost 106 million viewers. This episode of the series about the staff of an Army hospital during the Korean War became the most-watched television episode in U.S.

MASH tv series
MASH tv series

1984 – 26th Grammy Awards: Michael Jackson wins 8 Grammys. Good jobl!

Michael Jackson wins 8 Grammys
Michael Jackson wins 8 Grammys

1991 – “Les Miserables” opens at Theatre Carre, Amsterdam, and the first Gulf War finally ends.

1993 – 7th American Comedy Awards: Seinfeld was the winner of the night!

1996 – 38th Grammy Awards: Alanis Morissette wins.

2001 – 15th Soul Train Music Awards: The Isley Brothers, Destiny’s Child & Jay-Z were the winners!

2011  The last surviving veteran of World War I, Frank Buckles, dies in Charles Town (West Virginia) at the age of 110. What a hero!

2012 – Occupy London protesters were expelled from St Paul’s Cathedral.

St Paul's Cathedral protests
St Paul’s Cathedral protests

2013  A neuroscientist at Duke University announces he has successfully connected the brains of two rats allowing them to share information, and Pope Benedict XVI (Joseph Aloisius Ratzinger) resigns, becoming the first pope to do so since the year of 1415.

2014  Last year, this was a sad day. Russia send armed troops into the Sevastopol airport, Crimea, to protect its interests against Ukraine. 

2015  Scientists have announced that chronic fatigue syndrome is not psychological: it has a biological cause actually. Causes of the disease include viral infections, hormone imbalance and psychiatric problems (such as trauma and stress). And now, something happy: has been found the teenager who was kidnapped as a newborn baby from a Cape Town hospital in 1997. She and her younger biological sister attended the same school ans became friends. What a great thing!

Have a nice 28 February and be happy every single day!

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