Top floor lamps for your living room

Welcome to the world of light and shine. Today we have a great deal for your interior and décor of a living room. Are you ready to penetrate into the world of luxury and taste? May I suggest my help? I hope we will have a look together. I have prepared a couple of special items that are worth being noticed.

Viso group is proud of their lamp Globo which has an interesting design and simple form.

living room

Globo is top quality polycarbonate globe. Its interior seal ensures durability and evenly dispersed light.

If you want to impress your guests, have a look at Foscarini group. They present unique and unusual items in the home industry. Besides, they always have very cool and unique luxury ideas in mind for the special men and women in their life.

living room

The floor lamp Havana has simple, essential and young lines but it stands out and is capable of characterizing any environment.

Delightful Lightning Lamps represent one of their princesses in the world of light.


Hanna is a vintage floor lamp which suits perfectly a living room or a hall. Its structure is made of noble marble reports to a classical ambiance, back to art deco.

Another brand FontanaArte suggests a tall lamp that may be used in any corner of the room

Astera is a family of lamps designed specifically for hospitality. It is perfect for positioning anywhere thanks to its pentagonal shape, perfected and personalized to give it a distinctly rounded effect.

Recently, I have fallen in love with the next item. BRABBU is a design brand that reflects an intense way of living, bringing fierceness, strength and power into an urban lifestyle. You may consider one of their remarkable creations below.cypres-floor-lamp-7

CYPRES Floor Lamp stands strong like the tree with its four gold plated brass sprouts emerging from the Carrara marble base, and the lamps acting as the oblong seed cones fully illuminating the surrounding space.

Generally speaking, floor lamps function like the sources of light that bright everything around you. They are tall in height and very useful for any types of work. Enjoy your evening having one of these lamps near your sofa in the living room.