TREND REPORT -Minimalist design Is A Style That Came To Stay (SEE WHY)

TREND REPORT – Minimalist Design Is A Style That Came To Stay (SEE WHY)

Simple times require simple designs. Minimalist design is a trend with more followers each day thanks to its trendy color schemes and incredible design lines!


Although it’s minimalist, it doesn’t mean that it’s less important or less appreciated. It means that with less we totally can do more and in today’s article we are going to show you how.

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Minimalist design is often seen as a trend that does not bet on decoration or trendy pieces. In this article, we will show you several ideas for interior design projects in which the nude colors do not always prevail and yet, it’s a minimalist design.


1. Accentuating the attractive architectural features of a space:

TREND REPORT -Minimalist design Is A Style That Came To Stay (SEE WHY)

One of the characteristics of the minimalist design is to take advantage of the surrounding space and its architecture. Scandinavian design uses this minimalist decor a lot, highlighting natural light in the space, using a monochromatic color palette, emphasizing only the essentials. In this case, we wanted to highlight the perfect suspension Hendrix lamp, managing to keep the space in total balance.


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2. Clean lines, reductive, uncluttered:

TREND REPORT -Minimalist design Is A Style That Came To Stay (SEE WHY)

The minimalist design is characterized by the use of furniture with simple, organized lines and that comes down to the essentials. Even with regard to lighting, this must include minimalist lamps. In the image above we have the perfect example of what is the minimalist design: the chair reduced to its essential function while allowing comfort, combined with minimalist lighting, creating the perfect Scandinavian style setting. The Perry Chair can be founded on Essential Home’s website while Nancy Table Lamp is available in DelightFULL as a new piece of its 2020 collection.


3. Calming effect:

TREND REPORT -Minimalist design Is A Style That Came To Stay (SEE WHY)

One of the most experienced effects of minimalist design, often incorporated into the Scandinavian decor, is the calm that people feel when entering a space adorned with essential pieces. The goal is to make an interior design space look clean and organized to the eye of the beholder, where colors mix and complement each other. In this interior design project, we highlight both lamps that complement the space so well: Miles Floor Lamp and Charles Suspension Lamp.


4. Natural materials:

TREND REPORT -Minimalist design Is A Style That Came To Stay (SEE WHY)

Here is the perfect example of a space that is not just based on nude colors and yet, it achieves Scandinavian design, very much associated with minimalist design. The colors compliment each other, the materials chosen are natural, often using wood. The lighting perfectly incorporates the minimalist lighting, with its clean and reduced lines. You can find the total look in Essential Home: Dean Armchair, Konstantine Side Table and Herbie Floor Lamp.


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» We hope you got inspired by our trend report of the minimalist design style! «


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