Trending Colors: Lighting Designs That Will ‘Blue’ Your Mind

Are colorful lamps what you’re looking for? You came to the right place!

It’s hard to find the perfect lighting designs for your home that can fit well and not be white, grey or black. It can be a real struggle to place a colorful lamp, but today we are here to help you.


Trending Colors Lighting Designs That Will ‘Blue’ Your Mind 2

DelightFULL samples have been selected based on performance and quality. Colors and textures on your computer monitor may vary slightly from the actual materials. DelightFULL unique finishes will make possible to transform your home and keep it classy at the same time.

Trending Colors Lighting Designs That Will ‘Blue’ Your Mind

Digital surface material images are provided as a preliminary color reference and should not be used for final color selection. For accuracy, order, and view an actual sample. Due to individual computer/ monitor settings: color, texture, and pattern size may vary from the actual sample.

Trending Colors Lighting Designs That Will ‘Blue’ Your Mind 3

Stanley retro pendant lamp is inspired by some of the most iconic lighting designs of the 1960s. It is handmade in brass and aluminum, with a nickel plated finish on the body, and glossy black lacquer on the outer part of lampshades.

Trending Colors Lighting Designs That Will ‘Blue’ Your Mind 4

The inside is lacquered a matte white. With three adjustable arms, this mid-century modern lighting fixture has three counterweights all built of iron. All these features can be customized by request to include different finishes and any RAL color of your choosing. A modern light pendant that embodies all the best from the from the 50s and 60s interior design style, which looks amazing in any mid-century dining room, or a colorful kitchen.

Trending Colors Lighting Designs That Will ‘Blue’ Your Mind 6

Amy vintage table lamp is a lighting design inspired by one of the greatest British singers and songwriters of all times. With a glossy black lampshade that resembles her iconic hair and a small brass detail that reminds us of her golden earring, DelightFULL was able to create an unforgettable reading light perfect for any music aficionado. A lamp you want to have in your home interior.

Trending Colors Lighting Designs That Will ‘Blue’ Your Mind 5

100% handmade pieces in Portugal, with a gold-plated finish and a glossy black coat applied to the body, this small brass lamp is perfect for a vintage bedroom, or a retro home office.


We hope you enjoyed our lighting designs made with DelightFuLL colorful finishes! Let us know what you think by leaving a comment! If you are looking for more inspiration about interior design, the latest trends, and lighting designs, you can find it in the other articles on home design ideas!