Trends 2015: Contemporary Table Lamps

The end of this year is close and everyone wants to know the trends for 2015. When it comes to interior design ideas, changing your table lamps in your bedroom or living room is always the best and simple idea to have a different mood in your home design. Table lamps often come in different styles and finishes but if your house has a contemporary interior design, you must keep the contemporary style as you choice of Contemporary Table Lamps, whether it is for your bedroom, living room or even entrance hall.

So about lighting ideas for 2015, contemporary table lamps seem to be in vogue and we want to keep you updated to the next trends. Here you find a selection of contemporary table lamps we beliee will be the next trend for 2015.

Take a look ate the images and get inspired for 2015!

Table Lamp by Instyle Decortrends-2015-contemporary-table-lamps

Table Lamp by Flostrends-2015-contemporary-table-lamps

Table Lamp by Dormifytrends-2015-contemporary-table-lamps


Table Lamp by Sigmatrends-2015-contemporary-table-lamps

Table Lamp by Tom Dixontrends-2015-contemporary-table-lamps

Table Lamp by Wastbergtrends-2015-contemporary-table-lamps

Table Lamp by Foscarinitrends-2015-contemporary-table-lamps Contemporary Table Lamps

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