Trends 2015: White decor inspirations for your living room

The new year is finally here and everyone wants to know the trends for 2015. This is the best time of the year to put all your family together and have long conversations with your loved ones that you have not seen since a long time.

There`s no secret about getting an amazing living room. You just need to decorate your space with all your passion and follow your feelings about good furniture and lighting. Because these two things are like clothes to the body of your living room.

So to help you we have put together a selection of inspirations for living room with the best trends of 2015. Take a look ate the images and get inspired!

California Cool by Victoria Pearsontrends-2015-white-decor-inspirations-for-your-living-room

Bright linen-covered cushions soften an antique pine bench in the living room design.

Family-Friendly Seating by Alec Hemertrends-2015-white-decor-inspirations-for-your-living-room

Shabby Chic sofas square off across a zinc-topped coffee table in the living room design of this ranch house decor.


Modern Comfort by John Gruentrends-2015-white-decor-inspirations-for-your-living-room

In this white living room there’s a cabin board sofa and CB2 pouf gather round an antique pine bench for confort and a touch of modern to this white living room design.

Eclectic Elements by Max Kim-Beetrends-2015-white-decor-inspirations-for-your-living-room

Crafts-store frames and pages from an out-of-date Audubon calendar combine to create a wall’s worth of art in the sitting room.

White Noise by Max Kim-Beetrends-2015-white-decor-inspirations-for-your-living-room

Custom club sofas flank the living room’s centerpiece, an oversize midcentury coffee table fashioned from iron and bleached oak, in this white living home design.


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