Use potatoes to build your home: strange architectural materials

Architecture is one of the most innovative fields. That we know. We are used to see fantastic architectural materials that redefine our perception of what’s possible or not!

For thousands of years. mankind, has been developing architectural projects that still create an impact. See the Pyramids of Giza for example. We have been admiring them for centuries and they still raise the question ” How did they build them?”

"Use potatoes to build your home: strange architectural materials"The Pyramids of Gyza

Since then, the architectural world has evolved. The techniques changed and the challenges are different. Nowadays, architects are looking for the perfect combination of style and sustainability. They want to create  the most beautiful, ecologic building possible.

The need for new materials is bigger than ever. Every single architect wants to be the innovator!

Emerging Objects,  a design and research company that develops new materials for 3-D printing are using chocolate, paper, salt, nylon, and acrylic for some of their projects.

The “Saltygloo”is one of those projects made with modular salt panels. This is a proof that 3D printing is capable of outstanding things.

"Use potatoes to build your home: strange architectural materials"Saltygloo by Emerging Objects

Stonecycling is another company that reuses different materials to create something we need to use in construction. They use raw materials from demolition and construction waste or manufacturing refuse (everything from bricks to solar panels) to produce stones.

"Use potatoes to build your home: strange architectural materials"

Artist and designer Julia Lohmann has already made lamps from sheep stomachs and furniture out of soap. In 2013, she presented an installation made with seaweed.

Lohmann has pioneered treatments for seaweed that allow it to be used in furniture veneers or to remain flexible and translucent, like leather.

"Use potatoes to build your home: strange architectural materials"Seaweed sculpture by Julia Lohmann 

Ivy Wang has managed to find a way to made plastic polymers from the waste stream of potato biofuel production.

"Use potatoes to build your home: strange architectural materials"

As you can see architects are finding some new materials to create more sustainable projects that will, surely, amaze us.

These new techniques, like 3D printing, for example, are capable to revolutionize the whole world!.

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Source: Arch Daily