Vintage Home Designs That Will Make You Want To Time Travel

There are some vintage home designs that really will make you wish you were a time traveler. Unfortunately, you don’t have that power, but what you can do is let yourself wander through this selection of vintage interior designs and pretend – or you can always use these designs in your own house!


vintage home designs time travel vintage home designs time travel vintage homes time travel

These home designs combine the mid-century modern vibe with the industrial style – and they’re both really in right now. The beauty of both of these interior design style mainly resides in their simplicity – the soft colors contrasting with the roughness of materials and the raw brick walls that are characteristic of the industrial style.

vintage homes time travel vintage homes time travel

As you can see, these two styles don’t just have to apply to your living room or bedroom. The kitchen and bathroom areas are also areas that can perfectly be redesign according to this interior fashion.

vintage home designs time travel vintage homes time travel

vintage homes time travel

Leather couches, table lamps and an old chest both for storage and decoration: you can never go wrong when combining these three elements, and they instantly give your space that unique vintage vibe! And the world map wallpaper detail is just perfect.

vintage homes time travel

All images source: Pinterest

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