Vintage industrial Lighting Inspirations

Vintage industrial Lighting Inspirations

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Michalis’ bakery café, by Studio Yaron Tal & Studio Beam
Vintage industrial Lighting
The design concept of the lighting fixture collection for Michalis’ Bakery Cafe required to tie the lighting to the enchanting world of bakery. The architects brief focused on baking pans, and in this project we used authentic ready-made baking pans combined with glass drinking glasses.
Michalis-bakery-cafe-by-Studio-Yaron-Tal-Studio-Beam-Modiin-Israel-05 copy
They chose the structure appropriate pans and lighted by decorative coal bulbs.

Hemmesphere, by Massow Designs
Hemmesphere-lighting-collection-by-Massow-designs copy
The Hemmesphere lighting range, from Massow Designs, takes beautifully crafted and sculpted wood, offset against the industrial feel of a bare lightbulb, to make this statement piece lighting range.
Hemmesphere-lighting-collection-by-Massow-designs-05 copy

Hemmesphere-lighting-collection-by-Massow-designs-07 copy

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Hemmesphere-lighting-collection-by-Massow-designs-03 copy

Tribeca Edition 1, by Søren Rose Studio
Tribeca-Edition-1-lighting-collection-Soren-Rose-Studio copy
Copenhagen-based Søren Rose Studio have recently realised this series of New York-inspired, limited-edition lamps called ‘Tribeca Edition 1′. With a noticeable industrial flair, the striking, six-piece collection is composed of handmade brass pendant lights, all of which have been assembled from vintage parts found in the US.
Tribeca-Edition-1-lighting-collection-Soren-Rose-Studio-05 copy

Tribeca-Edition-1-lighting-collection-Soren-Rose-Studio-04 copy
Inspired by New York and the 1930s, these lamps are handmade from brass and vintage parts found in New York and California.
Tribeca-Edition-1-lighting-collection-Soren-Rose-Studio-07 copy



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