Vintage Modern Home Lighting

Lighting is for ambiance, aesthetics, tasks and help to see at night. So look around and think about your home and if it has all the lighting qualities you would like. Before you consider a lighting improvement you have to choose the right lighting design for each room, whether you home has a classic, luxury , modern or vintage style. And to help you with that, we have here a selection of some lighting ideas inpired by vintage modern home.

Take a look and get inspired!

Madeleine by DelightFULL

vintage modern home lighting

Inspired by a flower bouquet, this vintage modern light, gentle and elegant adds a French vintage touch to any cool and modern kitchen.

Billy by DelightFULL

vintage modern home lighting

This is luxurious vintage modern desk lamp ideal for side tables and office desks. It is highly functional with the extendable arm can be adjusted into the desired position. It has a young and charismatic look.


by Teal Davison Design

vintage modern home lighting

This modern and vintage suspension light is ideal for kitchen, as it adds a clean ambiance while not blocking the views.

by Dan Vakhrameev

vintage modern home lighting

This floor vintage modern home lighting is perfect for a loft space, as it has a cool and clean design.

by James Irvine

vintage modern home lighting

This is very simple and clean pendant light that combines a vintage inspiration with modern lines. It is perfect for any living room creating a cool and modern ambience around the space.

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