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Vintage tripod lamps

The vintage tripod lamps are part of the vintage trend that is well known on the interior design world. They are called tripod because the structure of the lamp has three legs and they are floor lamps used to lighten up a living room or an office.

A industrial-inspired is the photographer’s tripod floor lamp by Pottery Barn. This floor lamp will add a drama feature to your living room and will have a Hollywood looking space.

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A luxurious option yet vintage-inspired has classic linear lines in its tripod structure made with aluminum and polycarbonate fabric lamp-holder is the Rosy Angelis by Flos.

tripod lamps Vintage Vintage tripod lamps imagem 2 rosy angelis floor lamp 2

For a simple, classic and elegant space with diffuse lighting go for the brand Santa&Cole and the vintage piece Trípode G5. This floor lamp creates a warm atmosphere and the structure of it resembles Chinese chopsticks and they are harmoniously positioned.

tripod lamps Vintage Vintage tripod lamps imagem 3 floor standing lamp contemporary cotton tripod 52200 7153275 2

A globe vintage floor tripod lamp is the answer for a space with lack of original furniture. This piece will be mesmerizing in a corner of a room or a office, maybe more for an intimate space because of its diffuse and cozy lighting. It is called Prima Signora by Fontana Arte. It is simply made with Chromed metal frame. Opaline white blown glass diffuser and a beautiful design.

tripod lamps Vintage Vintage tripod lamps 01 fontanaarte lampada terra prima signora puppa 2

A similar lamp to the onw showed below but very different at sime time for the pattern on the top is the Zebra tripod floor lamp by Viso Inc.. It is made with silver metallic stripes which give it a sophisticated looking, this lamp has an unimaginable impact on a room.

Vintage tripod lamps Vintage Vintage tripod lamps zebra floor lamp 5

Vintage up your living room or office with this options or some tripod floor lamps and you’ll notice this is addicting. Once you fall for vintage world you never leave it! Create your space and tell us on the comments below what do you think about lighting!