Having a hard time to style your entry hall? Don’t worry, we have everything you need here!

Styling your hallway decor will bring a new energy to your entire home. Transform a plain white hallway into a place that has a personality by filling the empty walls and many other strategies. Accent your hallway with stylish decor and see how your home is rejuvenated with just a few simple touches!


DIY Marble Console Table

How To Have A More Welcoming Hallway Decor 6

Of course… marble! Our biggest ‘must have’ in any home decoration ideas! Construct a chic hallway table out of wood and faux marble tiles. Place candles and vases on your table for extra texture and personality.


How To Have A More Welcoming Hallway Decor 2

The marble tule above the wood will give your entryway a unique touch, that no one else has!

Canvas Gallery Wall

How To Have A More Welcoming Hallway Decor 7

Personalize your hallway decor with canvas prints. Select a range of photos—from camping trips to cozy mornings with coffee. Include prints of varying sizes and shapes for visual diversity.

How To Have A More Welcoming Hallway Decor 8

Nowadays it’s a big trend to have canvas not with photos but with random things. We don’t know from whom this idea came from but we agree it really looks good in any home decor.

Be bold choosing the colors

How To Have A More Welcoming Hallway Decor

For a warm welcome, paper your hallway in this cozy tone, but paint the rooms leading off it in paler, fresher colors. The contrast will make them feel light, open and more spacious.

How To Have A More Welcoming Hallway Decor 9

This is the kind of boldness your house design is begging for. It’s time to take some risks and see where this takes you.

Smarten upstairs

How To Have A More Welcoming Hallway Decor 3

The under-stair area is historically a place to stash away any unsightly stuff. So, instead of cramming everything haphazardly into a cupboard, consider breaking the area up into shelves or drawers. that way, space will work harder for you – it’ll make locating things much easier too.

How To Have A More Welcoming Hallway Decor 11

Think about including different shapes and sizes of cupboards to hide away everything from brooms and brollies to ironing boards. These hall stairs and decoration ideas will improve the storage in your house but still be looking good.

Cozy Rug

How To Have A More Welcoming Hallway Decor 4

Line your hallway ideas with a bit of comfort: a plush and cozy rug. Choose a neutral rug like one with black and white, or opt for a more colorful design.

How To Have A More Welcoming Hallway Decor 5

This way the entry wall will look less empty and it perfectly complements the other elements in the room. Not just a summer decor, but during all seasons!

Editor’s Choice

How To Have A More Welcoming Hallway Decor 10

Dave Brubeck was the inspiration for one of DelightFULL’s more luxurious floor lamps. The art deco floor lamp represents in every single detail the way the jazz pianist musician blended very demanding rhythmic structures with improvisation in expressive and accessible ways.

You can customize this modern floor light, since it is available a wide range of finishes: gold, nickel or copper plated, brushed brass or nickel, aged brass or any RAL lacquered color of your choosing. The base of this mid-century modern lamp is handmade in steel with a matte black finish.


We hope you enjoyed meeting these hallway decor ideas. What do you think? Let us know your thoughts, needs, and wishes and leave a comment. You can find more inspiration and information about interior design, DIY ideas, and events in the other articles on home design ideas.

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