What’s Hot On Pinterest: Trending Decor Items

These are the details that your home decor is missing, but not anymore after this article!

Did you ever wonder, your living room or your bedroom are almost perfect, but there’s something that doesn’t feel right? Well, this is where these trending decor items get into action. This week’s What’s Hot On Pinterest is all about detailing and how that is the most important part of decorating. Keep reading to find out what we are trying to say!


What's Hot On Pinterest Trending Decor Items 7

The truth is: you can have an amazing house design, perfectly decorated with the right furniture, but will not seem like yours if you don’t give it your special touch on the details! You can have the same couch as your neighbor, but your living room will never look alike because the details you put in reflect you. And that’s why the little things matter so much!

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What's Hot On Pinterest Trending Decor Items

Copper is trending these days! Something really easy to do, or to find are these copper wire micro fairy lights to give a cozy and cute look at the space. How to combine it with other things? Is that what you’re asking? Well, easy! Pineapples are everywhere! On wallpapers, on phone screens, on polaroids, so why don’t use a copper pineapple as decoration item as well? See how good it looks? If you don’t take this tip, then we will, for sure!

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A white bedroom can seem a little bit boring, but it doesn’t have to if you have a creative mind! Through some colorful pillows, according to fall trends, of course (please take advantage of the season to be trending), and then put roses on the wall, or flowers in general, with similar colors as your pillows. Can you see how something so simple can be turned into an amazing interior design only using details? We told you!

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Choosing between a picture with your family, or with your friends can be tough, so here’s our suggestion: don’t! Instead, run away from that tricky decision and hang some frames with a real leaf, or aesthetically pleasing pictures you found on Pinterest, and justify your choice saying ‘it looks artsy like this’. No one will question you. You’re welcome!

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Ok, this one!!! We cannot hide how much love we have for this completely stunning detail. It’s outdoor decor, but it’s appropriate for the fall season we’re currently living, and it’s inviting. Imagine getting to someone’s house and finding this outdoor doormat. We wouldn’t steal it… but we will be tempted to. Just kidding, we would run to buy a unique one, because this doormat is custom made!

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Speaking of custom details that make a total difference, here’s Laine Suspension lamp. Can you see the mid-century vibe in it? We are absolutely in love! Inspired by the iconic era that brought so much culture to the world, this set of spotlights arranged as magic is in your home decor. It’s a lighting detail, that brings the whole room together, don’t you agree?

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This is the perfect example that the right color pallet can make miracles happen anywhere. The warm fall tones are trending right now and it’s time to implement it into your home interiors. We get that it might be too much to have an orange couch or an orange table, but you can rock these colors on the details. Plants are always a must, such as frames and crockery. It’s up to you to have the #homedecorgoals of your friend group. Are you ready to take that award? Whenever you are, we are here to give it to you!


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