Discover These 5 Cave Homes and It’s Incredible Interior Design

Surprisingly luxurious, comfortable and beautiful. These are the words to describe these 5 cave homes you’re about to see. In addition, the amazing location,  the interior design of these modern cave homes will make you fall hopelessly in love.

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Discover These 5 Cave Homes and It's Incredible Interior DesignThe Yaodong Renovation. Architects of hyperSity renovated one decrepit cave home and turned into a dream. Full of natural light and ventilation, this cave home interior is to dream for.

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Discover These 5 Cave Homes and It's Incredible Interior DesignChez Hélène-Amboise Troglodyte. The original cave home presented had no plumbing, sewage pipes, or electricity. Turned into a luxurious and chic cave this is one you can’t miss.

Discover These 5 Cave Homes and It's Incredible Interior DesignLuque Earth Homes. Featuring double-height windows that let plenty of light into the partially underground homes, this is cave home is full of taste and natural light. The black and white fit so well together that combined with the natural light of the room that it gives the room the calming effect.

Discover These 5 Cave Homes and It's IncredibleCuevas del Pino. Natural materials like stone and timber complement the cave surroundings.

Discover These 5 Cave Homes and It's IncredibleRockhouse Retreat. This cave home was hand-carved from 250-million-year-old Triassic sandstone. Fully restored and renovated by Worcestershire native Angelo Mastropietro who has transformed the space into “Britain’s first luxury cave house” with all the creature comforts of home. It was even made the home available for rent on AirBnB.

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