Dress code of the Golden Globes 2015

Yes, i am the kind of person that looks at someone and guesses the kind of decor that person likes.

Of course, last weekend the world stoped and, like everyone else, i was watching Golden Globes. What do you think about the dresses of Heidi Klum, Amal Clooney and Kate Hudson? I think they were gorgeous! They are on my top 3 of best dressed at Golden Globes.

On the other hand, when i looked at some dresses i couldn`t stop associate them to some lamps. I will share my thoughts with you people!

My first task for you is: find the differences between the dress of Lena Dunham and Diana Table from Delightfull.


Then, i looked at the beautiful Sofia Vergara…


And even her dress remembers me Jacobsen AJ Floor. I am starting to think that i am really obsessed to decor.



Guys, was i the only one that thought about that???

No, i was not the only one that compared the dresses of the celebrities to lighting. I found a post on the Sara Tavares profile on facebook that compared the sexy dress of Kate Hudson to Hanna wall lamp from Delightfull. Even the more amazing outfits were compared to lighting this year!


And you? What kind of comparations did you make with the dresses of the celebrities?