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In Vogue Interior Design Trends 2015

With this article, Home Design Ideas will dive into what we believe will be the heavy hitting trends in 2015 interior design. Admittedly, some of these ideas are not ‘fresh’ in the literal sense of the word, some are, but as with anything, ‘there’s a time and a place for everything under the sun’, so here’s what Home Design Ideas believe will shine in 2015. Professional architects and interior designers should not just take our word for it, take a look at the Google trends graphs for all of the trends and you’ll see that they are on the up and Vogue Interior Design!


This is all about creating the perfect mood. Huge expanses of plain white, lifeless walls will be replaced with interest, mood and character. Think daring and valorous, making a statement with every element of the design. Interesting and metallic accessories will be the perfect accompaniment; supplementing, complimenting and adding to the glam like Koket’s “Mistress” sofa or Christian Dior sofa from 2015 “Resort collection”. A weaker trend for 2015, but still growing at an increasing rate.

In-Vogue-Interior-Design-Trends-2014-8 Vogue Interior Design

Christian Dior “Resort collection”


Koket “Mistress” sofa