lighting design brands exhibiting at imm 2016

3 lighting design brands exhibiting at imm 2016

imm 2016 the international interiors show held in the heart of Europe, will open its gates once again. As in the past winter, the fair organisers are expecting to once again spot a dominating trend among the wide selection of furnishing suggestions for the most diverse styles and lifestyles: comfort, in all its many facets. Because a fair like imm cologne doesn’t just set trends, it also reflects them.

3 lighting design brands exhibiting at imm 2016 r

In times of growing uncertainty, our home appears to us as a safe haven for retreat and relaxation into our own small, manageable world. And for socialising, meeting with friends and as a workplace, the private home is also gaining importance.


In the midst of these times fraught with fears, “Das Haus – Interiors on Stage” at imm cologne 2016 conveys a message of openness.

Designer Sebastian Herkner, Guest of Honour 2016, deliberately chose a round form in which the curtains, which he used in place of walls to define the outside limits of his “Haus”, can be adjusted to constantly open up new perspectives into and out of the house. And in the interior, his vision of living, too, presents itself in an inviting, comfortable light, full of colours and enticing sensory impressions.

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See this gallery with some of the lighting designs you can find at the fair and should use in your home designs.



3 lighting design brands exhibiting at imm 2016 delightfull ike suspension

Ike Suspension Lamp by DelightFULL