"Kitchen trends for 2014:what to expect in home design"

Kitchen trends for 2014: what to expect in home design

Kitchen trends is not one of those things that can be done every year. Kitchen is an expensive space of the house. Change everything every year to keep up with the trends would be tremendously expensive.

However if your kitchen is a little bit outdated now, and you need to change some things, “Home Design Ideas” will reveal to you some kitchen trends for 2014.

Open shelving

Having closed cabinets in your kitchen was a common and trendy style, but in 2014 that will change. Builders and interior designers are pushing for the open shelving option. Why? Because is becoming fashionable to have everything on display, from dishes to pots and pans to gourmet oils and vinegars.

If you don’t like this kind of presentation the alternative is to have glass cabinets. That way you still can have items displayed and the traditional organization.

Important tips: make sure that your kitchenware matches your kitchen style and choose one or two materials for your new shelving.

"Kitchen trends for 2014:what to expect in home design"Black Counters

A common sight on remodeled or new kitchens in 2014 will be black counters. Materials like black granite and quartz will be highly used to create a more sophisticated and modern look in kitchens around the planet

"Kitchen trends for 2014: what to expect in home design"

Dark painted kitchen

The days of white and white kitchens are over. Black, deep brown, dark red and copper tones are some of the colors that will be trendy in 2014. However, as you might have read in some post in this blog (click HERE and HERE ) dark colors make a space look smaller. To avoid that is recommended to paint just one wall in these dark tones.

"Kitchen trends for 2014: what to expect in home design"To save some money you can do some of these things by yourself. If you have the skill you can build your own shelving and give a huge unique touch to your kitchen.

These are the kitchen trends for 2014. You can follow “Home Design Ideas” to get more tips and tricks to decorate your entire home.


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