10 tips for the perfect bathroom by designer Neal Beckstedt and Elle Decor


I have been told you that bathrooms are not to neglect. I said it over and over again. This time was the designer Neal Beckstedt that found out important to make it clear, in a article for Elle Decor. The American designer shares with Sara Yang (and with the whole world) his 10 best tips for creating the perfect bathroom.

10 tips for the perfect bathroom 210 DESIGNER-APPROVED STEPS TO A STYLISH BATHROOM” is the title and you need to see this.

1. Black is the new black

2. Mix textures

3. Incorporate furniture

4. Invest in art

5. Bring the outdoors in

6. Play with tradition

7. Reflect on this

8. Have fun with guest bathrooms

9. Accessorize

10. Vary finishes

Those are the tips to get the perfect modern bathroom. If you want to know more details, you’ll need to read the entire article, by clicking here. Enjoy 🙂


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