2015 Home Decoration Trends

The new year is coming and we should not wait to start looking for what is new in the world of designs and home decor.

Interior design also looks for the newest and hottest trends in home decor and everyone wants to have a confortable home design and a trendy decoration to welcoming the guests.

So we selected some ideas of what will be the new home decoration trends for 2015. Take a look!

Gold fixtures2015-home-decoration-trends

You can bling out your house exactly as you’ve always dreamed of doing in the new year. And why not start with the a golden lamp as Turner by DelightFULL.

Mixed patterns2015-home-decoration-trends

Use a sophisticated home decor with mixed patterns. But you do not feel confortable with this idea, just add some pattern to your decor with different pilows like this ones from Surya.



Wallpaper neves gets out of fashion. Forget your palin white walls and use a trendy wallpaper in you living room or bedroom wall.

Blue accent colors2015-home-decoration-trends

Blue will be one of the most popular accent colors for interior decoration. You can use it in decor items or be bold and try it in a sofa as this one from Resort Collection by Christian Dior.

Modern Mid century pieces2015-home-decoration-trends

Try a throwback to modern design elements of the 1950s through the 1970s and use them in that special place in your living room design or in your entrance hall to welcoming your guests in the most trendy and stylish way. Starbursts Mirror by Etsy

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