5 decor tips to make your kitchen look bigger

Everyone loves a big wide space but the reality is that many of us have to live with a not so big apartment and tiny rooms. And a small kitchen may not be in our dreams but it is yet possible to create a beautiful and efficient space. So small kitchens need smart solutions that not only save you some space but also creates an open and cozy atmosphere.

From color schemes to lighting fixtures, here you find some decor tips that you can use in your small kitchen to make it look bigger. Take a look and get to work!

1. Use cabinets with glass doors5-decor-tips-to-make-your-kitchen-look-bigger

This pulls the eye past the cabinet frames into the depths of the cabinets, so the walls feel farther away.

2. Go simple with furniture5-decor-tips-to-make-your-kitchen-look-bigger

Choosing a work island, bar chairs, or stools that are visually lightweight, such as metal ones. Clean lines don’t distract the eye, and the open tables and chair legs let you see the floor and walls beyond, making the room feel bigger.


3. Open shelving5-decor-tips-to-make-your-kitchen-look-bigger

Open shelves reduce visual weight and lend the illusion of a more expansive space.

4. Use neutral tones5-decor-tips-to-make-your-kitchen-look-bigger

White is your best friend in a small kitchen. It reflects light, which enhances the sense of space and makes the walls seem to recede.

5. Good lighting5-decor-tips-to-make-your-kitchen-look-bigger

The natural light enlarges any space and you have to make use of it. Although you can always complement it with a beautiful suspension lamp, as this one from DelightFULL.


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