7 Quirky Paris Dream Homes

Have you ever wondered what lies behind the Parisian facades or what might be hiding under those elaborate rooftops or found yourself imagining the floor plan of that town mansion whose gates everyone tries to get a peek through every once in a while.

So do we! And because of that today we have something special for you. We have been staring wide-eyed at dream homes at the City of Lights, and we’ve selected some favourites. It’s time to see how the other half lives in Paris… Take a look!

1. The Beam Dream7-quirky-paris-dream-homes

Probably the most show-stopping display of beam work we’ve come across. It’s like living under a giant eagle’s nest – with a great view included.

2. A Romanesque Den7-quirky-paris-dream-homes

Are we in Paris or Rome? This elegant apartment is ideally located in an pedestrian street close to the river.

3. The Bohemian Aristocrat’s Apartment of Secret Doors7-quirky-paris-dream-homes

Think of all the brilliant minds that spent smokey, wine-fuelled evenings here in deep conversation with their bourgeois host.


4. Miss Havisham’s Groovy Parisian Lair7-quirky-paris-dream-homes

This Parisian home is slightly mysterious, a bit scary or maybe haunted, but it is completely sassy on the inside.

5. The Window Apartment7-quirky-paris-dream-homes

A penthouse on the top floors of an “Art Deco” building with beautiful views over Paris. Just breathtaking!

6. Eclectic House of Treasures7-quirky-paris-dream-homes

This house is just full of surprises, from its bohemian veranda and traditional deco to the very sexy pool hiding in the basement. Just a good Parisian style!

7. The Country Bumpkin Townhouse7-quirky-paris-dream-homes

We absolutely can picture ourselfs having compote breakfast in this old-fashioned little kitchen. Just lovely!

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