The A-Z Guide For a Good Stay in the City of Design!

Get deep in Milan!

Milan is known by the fashion city but is also the City of Design. During this week is the stage of iSalone 2018 and a lot of events. Here you have some A-Z guide that you can use during Milan design week.



It’s easy to get lost in some of Milan art galleries. In this city, there are a lot of famous paintings and some famous galleries like Pinacoteca di Brera and Pinacoteca Ambrosiana.

The A-Z Guide For a Good Stay in the City of Design!


Brera Design District

Milan Design Week is happening between the 17th and the 22nd of April. This means that design will be everywhere around town, and you will get to enjoy Milan in a completely different way. At Brera design district you will find a high-profile events calendar, featuring several of the world’s most prestigious brands.

The A-Z Guide For a Good Stay in the City of Design!


Castelo Sforzesco

A little bit away from the Milan center you can find the Castello Sforzesco. This castle is now a museum that you have to visit!




If you don’t want to miss the ultimate lighting for your designs, you have to go to the Italian trade fair at iSaloni 2018. There you will find everything you need to illuminate and give your project the mid-century touch. Your home design ideas will be pushed to the next level.

The A-Z Guide For a Good Stay in the City of Design!



This is a Michelin Star restaurant that you must go if you have the opportunity! Located in the inner courtyard of an old building, the restaurant features an elegant design with an open plan kitchen and a contemporary menu.


Football Match

Milan has two big football teams and if you come to the city you must go see some match between one of the house teams ( AC Milan or FC Internazionale).

The A-Z Guide For a Good Stay in the City of Design!



Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II

Situated in the center of Milan, the Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II is an extraordinary feat of architecture, an emblem of Milanese identity featuring a meld of beauty, art, and luxury under an amazing glass roof.

The A-Z Guide For a Good Stay in the City of Design!


Haute Couture

Milan is the fashion city for reference. Most of the top fashion designers and their houses are in Milan. Besides the places, Milan has some of the most beautiful and stylish people.


Italian Gelato

Italy has good food, good fashion designers and also really good Gelatos! If you are in Milan make sure you don’t forget to taste some Italian gelato or sorbets.

The A-Z Guide For a Good Stay in the City of Design!


Joia Restaurant

This classic restaurant by Pietro Leemann (that is considered the guru of vegetarian food or, according to his own definition, of “natural haute cuisine”) is incredible. You can try Several of his finest creations include his “uovo apparente” and his “elogio della Sicilia”. The wine list is just as classy as the restaurant.


Klima hotel

A beautiful ivy-covered wall, visible from a distance, greets guests as they arrive, announcing the concept of Klima Hotel, an eco-sustainable property located in a strategic position. An independent brand since it first opened at the end of August 2012, in 2015, during Expo, the Klima Hotel was one of the city’s most sought-after hotels, due to its proximity to the exposition site.


Last Supper

The convent of Santa Maria delle Grazie hosts one of the most famous attractions in the world: Leonardo da Vinci’s Last Supper. Among the most famous masterpieces of Renaissance art in Italy, this is a large mural painting in which Christ announces that he will be betrayed by one of his apostles.

The A-Z Guide For a Good Stay in the City of Design!



Known as Milan’s luxury fashion district and one of the most prestigious precincts in the city, the Montenapoleone district generates 25% of the entire city’s international shopping turnover.  With stores like Dior, Fendi, Giorgio Armani, Rolex and many others, this section of Milan happens to be where all the big designer names and most luxurious stores in the world cluster.

The A-Z Guide For a Good Stay in the City of Design!



The Navigli are a widespread network of canals whose history is linked to Leonardo da Vinci. An artist and an engineer, during his time in Milan from 1482 to 1499 he found fertile ground for his genius: in fact, he studied this sophisticated system of navigable canals to ferry people and merchandise to Milan, to irrigate the fields and to defend the city – that made Milan a real “city of water”.



The famous opera singers and composers are Italian and if you are a fan of this type of music then you must visit La Scala. La Scala is the temple of Milanese music and opera. Designed by Giuseppe Piermarini and inaugurated in 1778, was recently totally refurbished under the supervision of the renowned architect, Mario Botta. Today the theatre is recognized as one of the leading opera and ballet theatres in the world and offers seasonal events including choral and orchestral works.

The A-Z Guide For a Good Stay in the City of Design!



Pasta is a staple food of traditional Italian cuisine, with the first reference dating to 1154 in Sicily. If you are a food lover then you must try this at one of the most famous pasta restaurants.

The A-Z Guide For a Good Stay in the City of Design!


Quiz yourself about a historical city

If you’re an architecture nerd or a fashion expert this is the perfect time to quiz yourself and see if you actually know all the story of Milan. This is a great way to tour and live the city.



Italia has some of the best food and restaurants with a lot of Michelin stars spread by the country. During your trip to the Milan design week, you can try some of the top restaurants that Milan has to offer.


Salone del mobile

You can’t go to Milan in April and not take a couple of days to stop by Salone del Mobile. If you are an interior design lover and want to be in on all the latest trends, make sure to buy your ticket before the 17th! The furniture fair will run from the 17th of April until the 22nd, and you will find great brands showcasing their best pieces. Find DelightFULL in Hall 1, Stand L09!

The A-Z Guide For a Good Stay in the City of Design!


Tortona Design District

Although Tortona is the name of a single street, during the Milan design week the events are in its neighboring area and are known for its “viby” atmosphere. The area, home to former warehouses and factories, becomes a major display platform featuring a slew of futuristic, original and experimental events targeted, according to the organizers, at creating a truly knockout effect. Design Week in Tortona promotes various events spread over some of the most important hotels and recently renowned open spaces.

The A-Z Guide For a Good Stay in the City of Design!


Uptown Palace

One of the most chosen options in Milan. The Uptown Palace is a contemporary style hotel with a Michelin restaurant.


Villa Reale di Monza

The Villa Reale di Monza or Royal Villa of Monza is an Italian heritage palace located only 20km from the city center of Milan. It’s a fine example of neoclassical style architecture, while its English landscape park is one of the largest enclosed parks in Europe.

The A-Z Guide For a Good Stay in the City of Design!



Italy is home to some of the oldest wine-producing regions in the world, and Italian wines are known worldwide for their broad variety so if you have the chance you must taste some of their best wines.


X-change Contacts

During the Milan design week, you can make an exchange a lot of contacts! This Italian trade fair is an incredible opportunity for you to make friends and partners! We wait for your contact at iSaloni 2018!

The A-Z Guide For a Good Stay in the City of Design! The A-Z Guide For a Good Stay in the City of Design!


Zara Hotel

Hotel Zara Milan is a modern establishment, ideal for a vacation or business trip, located just a few minutes from Central Station, in the Isola district one of the most ancient and evocative of the city.

The Hotel Zara features the most modern amenities and services, as well as an excellent location, along one of Milan’s most famous streets.


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