There’s just one Way: Peter Marino’s exhibition at Bass Museum of Art

You need to visit the most recent Peter Marino’s exhibition. I imagine you are preparing yourself already for the big trade show that is coming: Maison et Objet Americas 2015. But besides M&O Miami, there’s so much more you can do in the city. And visit Peter Marino‘s exhibition is one of those things.

There's just one Way: Peter Marino's exhibition at Bass Museum of Art

Marino’s doesn’t need any kind of presentation. He’s the great architect that has been befitting luxury retailers as Dior, Chanel or even Louis Vuitton. Some cultural education never hurt nobody, so you really should visit Marino’s show at the Bass Museum of Art. “One Way: Peter Marino” is the name of the show that will be in Miami Beach through May 3. And there’s just a few days left.

There's just one Way: Peter Marino's exhibition at Bass Museum of Art


And how did this exhibition came out? Reading the interview that the artist gave to Architectural Digest, you can figure it out. It happened when George Lindemann and several other board members went to Marino’s office in Manhattan and said, “Wouldn’t it be cool to have an exhibition that felt like your work space?” See more here. Visiting this exhibition, you will be able to find architect’s multifaceted relationship with art. The main point of this collection is exactly: “Peter Marino collects art, Peter Marino commissions art, and Peter Marino builds art.”

In an interview for Architectural Digest, Marino said: “It’s important to say that the Bass exhibition is not a retrospective. We’re showing architecture from just the past seven or eight years, and the largest part of my art collection, my Renaissance bronzes, won’t be a focus. I’ve already displayed those at L.A.’s Huntington Library, the Wallace Collection in London, and the Minneapolis Institute of Art. The Miami audience is, shall we say, quite pop. Most of the show is what I would call young and fun and hip.”

You can find more info about this exhibition at Bass Museum of Art’s website. Visit and enjoy!


Source: ArchitecturalDigest

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