Why Buy And Use LED Lights

Why to choose LED lights? This is a question that keeps popping in our minds but we found an article that can come in handy for your home design ideas.

LED lights are on top of people’s choices to light up their home in an economic and sustainable way. There are many reasons that justify LED’s choice as a primary source of lighting. Starting by long lifetime span: LED can last 50 000 hours. Imagine your corner lamp bouncing light for a long time without thinking of changing the bulb.


why to buy and use LED lights

Now think of energy efficiency: LED’s are so powerful that are capable of outputting 135 lumens/watt. Another LED’s advantage is the fact of being rugged. They are made of solid material with no filament or tube or bulb to break. That’s why they are also called “Solid State Lighting (SSL). There is no warm-up stage– LED’s light  instantly – in nanoseconds. Another strong advantage is that LED’s aren’t affected by cold temperatures.

why to buy and use LED lights

They can work under any weather conditions. If you’re a pragmatic person, be happy to know that LED’s are directional and you can direct the light to the place you want without wasting light. Be happy to know that LED’s are the most environmentally friendly among lighting sources. They don’t contain mercury or other pernicious substances. Have your LED lighting controlled: LED’s can be controlled by brightness and color. They are made with a perfect color rendering, so they don’t wash out colors as other light sources.

why to by and use LED lights

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