Discover The Best Showrooms In Istanbul

Discover The Best Showrooms In Istanbul

These are the best design showrooms in Istanbul you need to visit!

Istanbul is one of the greatest cities in the world, at the crossroads of civilizations. It has a long history and culture, and it’s where some of the best best showrooms are located. Today, we will bring you a list of the best showrooms in Istanbul!

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360 Home Decor

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360 Home Décor has a wide selection of the best design pieces so you can finish the design project or home renovation of your dreams! Interiors have to evoke emotions, and choosing the most suitable furnishing and lighting is one of the most important steps of the design process.

Deniz Tunc Tasarim

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Deniz Tunc has been creating her distinctive line of lighting, furniture and interiors since 2000. Whilst her designs speak not against globalism itself but against the uniforming nature of it, she provides alternatives to the international design world, incorporating eastern soul/an oriental spirit from Istanbul.


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“Turn your living space into fashionable, trendy and elitist home. Choose fun and stylish accent furniture to show your lighthearted side or sharp and new age furniture that impress and stun you and your visitors at every sight. Whether you’re spending time with family and friends on your comfortable sofa or prepping for your day at your beloved coffee table, the pieces you choose are a part of your beautiful life. Your surroundings influence you. Choosing attractive living room essentials and living in style is the way to leading a successful life full of smiles. Visit us and ask for an eccentric approach from our professional employees for an absolutely satisfactory way to decorate your favorite room in your house with vibrant rugs and cool accent pillows that effortlessly showcase your personality. You can select the most wonderfully designed furniture that contribute to the lifestyle of your dreams.”

Furniture WEYMO

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Weymo Furniture offers a variety of luxury & avantgarde sofa sets, living rooms, wall units, TV stands, sofas, armchairs in Istanbul, Turkey. The luxury living room depicts the true spirit of your home. People tend to sit, relax and unwind in their living room, simply lying down on a couch or a sofa. Like every place or room in your home that has its specific significance, so does the living room. The furniture for the living room should be convenient, low-maintenance, very comfortable and perfect designed; that is why the luxury living room is an ideal option.

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Luxury Line Mobilya

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Discover the great world of luxury modern furniture showroom!


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Now a leading worldwide brand in the design and manufacture of furniture, Koleksiyon originally started life in Turkey. Their Istanbul store is an homage to everything the brand is renowned for – sleek, contemporary designs that muster a creative individuality and personality that other contemporary brands are so often lacking in. Be treated to a feast of colors, sounds and shapes, and admire the art and craft that goes into these unique pieces.

Masko Lazzoni Mobilya

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Sleek and simple that will melt your design lover’s heart!


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If you’re looking for exquisite selected design pieces, Parla is definitely the place to go. The brand has a team of committed design experts that will guide you through an impressive wide selection of the best peices from renowned brands around the world.


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Technological innovation, stylistic research, ecological awareness are the components of the exclusive vision of Rimadesio, translated into a proposal of furnishing and functional division of the environments: modular systems for the living area, bookcases, sliding doors, doors, walk-in closets and a rich collection of accessories.

Sia Moore

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“We have been founded by architect Banu Altay in 2009. As an international brand, we have offered our services to numerous high-level companies and exclusive people and successfully carried out consultancy, architectural and interior design, fit-out and turnkey projects for a diverse portfolio of structures all around the world. Our expertise lies in projects of different scales such as private palaces, mansions, parliamentary buildings, hotels and social spaces.”

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