Meet the pop up cabin inspired by the Welsh traditions and folklore. These tiny homes were created by designers and architects through the competition Epic Retreats. This competition invited the artists to create glamping tiny style homes that are available for a luxury off-grid adventure.

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One of the winners was Miner’s Legend by How About Studio. To those who are fortunate to spend some time in this Welsh inspired glamp house will have a unique experience. These pop up cabins are available and were made to accommodate the guest in the best way possible.

Discover the Fairytale like Pop Up Cabins in Wales Discover the Fairytale like Pop Up Cabins in Wales

To those who got to have the experience in this luxurious glamp cabin, can see why this was one of the winners. With an amazing view and meant to give the guest the experience of the Welsh tradition, this is one of the most beautiful places to be.

Discover the Fairytale like Pop Up Cabins in Wales

A dragon-inspired structure, Dragon’s Eye has an eye-shaped window and a scaly exterior completed by the amazing home decor.

Discover the Fairytale like Pop Up Cabins in Wales

As one of the founders claimed: “The unique cabins, complemented by our country’s stunning landscape, make for an unbeatable experience,”. That much is true, undoubtedly.

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The Slamp is one of the eight winners of this contest and you can see why. The nature surrounding this pop up cabin is really a treasure to be kept.

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