Don't Miss The Instagram Live With Studiopepe & AD Italia

Don’t Miss The Instagram Live With Studiopepe & AD Italia

This unmissable Instagram live will tell you all you need to know about Studiopepe’s new collection!

If you loved Studiopepe’s new collection, you will definitely want to know more about the storytelling behind the pieces in an unmissable Instagram live with Studiopepe and AD Italia, collaborating with Essential Home, one of the best mid-century furniture brands and the Portuguese brand that produced Studiopepe’s new collection. Find out everything about the Instagram live so you won’t miss it!

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Studiopepe’s mid-century design ideas truly redefine the furniture design world as we know it, thanks to their unique ideas. The Italian designers share a deep passion with Italian architecture, design and high-craftsmanship culture, and during their creative journey to Portugal, with all of its iconic buildings, architecture landmarks, unique art and exquisite high craftsmanship culture, they found a brand-new scene of inspiration that made them feel at home.

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Inspired by the unique colors and magnificent art landmarks in both countries, Studiopepe decided to create a unique mid-century furniture collection that combined the best of both worlds.

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Challenging the limits of the furniture manufacture standards, this unique mid-century modern selection of products teaches you how to play with the geometrical concept of design in a comfortable way, while keeping the luxury mid-century modern feel to it.

Named after some of the most iconic literature personalities from the 40s to the 70s, such as F. Scott Fitzgerald, Ezra Pound, Zelda Fitzgerald and David Duncan, this is the perfect selection of products to elevate your home design from average to exquisite in no time.

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Tomorrow, live on instagram, the Italian designers and AD Italia will reveal all the details about the storytelling, so all designer aficionado can be immersed in this incredible modern mid-century world.

November. 12
17H (GMT +1) . 16H (WEST) . 12H (GMT -4)


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