The Lakeside Dream House To Make Your Dream!

With a simple design, this Lakeside house brings a fresh start. After so much clutter we need some type of home decor inspiration to make our muse inspired and out home a bit better. So why not have a look around in this dream home? Don’t Wait, Take a Peek!

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With scenic locations, lovable sights and a beautiful country. The Lakeside House in Switzerland was brought to life by Wespi de Meuron Romeo Architetti. A take on history, design and taste all in one, this is the home design ideas you’ve been waiting to have.

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Picturesque views, historic places and diversity. The now modern home design was once an old building. The blend of natural stone and plaster were used to revamp the home.

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Fitting into its local context, the house is a prime example of how the site influences the home. Rustic natural stone and traditional plaster appear in the interior design project in the inside and the outside. The modern structure allows the natural light o blend perfectly into the interior home.

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The simple design is complete. Uncluttered, fitted and modern. Filled with natural light, big open spaces and an outdoor design to die for, the home provides white furniture to provoke the peaceful feeling of relaxing in paradise. The modern landscape design provides the so much needed peace and quiet while gazing the beauty of nature.

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Dark tones when it comes to the table and kitchen cabinet are a match made in heaven since the natural wood on the walls bring the lighted touch the house needed.

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The natural landscape, something you can’t help but glaze for hours, is somehow enhanced by the wooden surfaces. Their warmth also provides a counterpoint to the cool stone walls.

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