Ezequiel Farca exclusive interview with one of Mexico’s great designer

Today i’m very proud to publish, at Home Design Ideas an exclusive interview with one of the top Mexican designers: Ezequiel Farca. This is a man admired for his outstanding projects and for his willingness to share is knowledge to students and young people. He impresses not only for the brilliant interior design and architecture projects but also for his business acuity.

Ezequiel Farca created his first design studio in 1995 and never stopped from there. His transcendent, beautiful and  exquisite designs have been leaving a mark not only in México but all over the world.  Mr. Farca’s work has been recognized globally. He has won more than 60 awards throughout his career!

This is an impressive man and you will read today, an equal impressive and exclusive interview with one of Mexico’s great designers: Ezequiel Farca! Enjoy!

Ezequiel Farca: on the Mexico's great designers
Ezequiel Farca | One of Mexico’s great designers

– How and why did you get into the interior design/ architecture Industry?

I studied industrial design and then completed a masters in architecture. I started doing furniture design, then moved to interior design end now architecture.

– How would you describe your projects? Do you have a signature touch with your designs?

I would say my design is based first in clients necessities, then in timeless design. Spaces as well as furniture only purpose is to unite people, to gather to exchange experiences

Ezequiel Farca: on the Mexico's great designers
Acapulco, México | 2010

– What do you love about being an architect?

The possibility of working with different clients that become friends, to touch and transform the way people live.

– Where do you draw your inspiration from?

People and nature

Ezequiel Farca: on the Mexico's great designers
Depto MU | Mexico’s city | 2011

– What are some of your most popular projects? Tell us a bit about some of your creations and what you love about them. What’s your favourite and why?

Interiors for Aeromexico airplanes and some boutique Hotels specially el hotel Encanto, located in Acapulco.

Airplanes represent air, lightness the possibility to be in non man lands.

Hotel because what its stand for Luxury and I am not talking about the space in general of the cost or the brand of the hotel, I say that today the most appreciated value today and the most richness is TIME and who ever who can take the time to just ¨live¨

Design and architecture is about people and their interaction, so working in project which involves a general public becomes a challenge and an opportunity.

Ezequiel Farca: on the Mexico's great designers
Interior designs of a Aeromexico’s Boeing | 2006-2009

– Your work in known around the world. How its like to have such an impact, influence and recognition of your work?

I do what I like and the best and the toughest evaluation is the client not the press. So I let that take care of it self. For me its about happiness of the possibility of enhancing peoples lives through design and architecture.

– Is there anything exciting that you are working on at the moment that you can tell us about?

140 Benetti Boat, I am fascinated  with small spaces, with the sea and the possibility of making a residence that floats.

Ezequiel Farca: on the Mexico's great designers
Casa Santa Fé | 2010

– What is your favorite building in the world?

I have many but I am fascinated by mexican ancient ceremonial spaces!

– If someone gave to you the opportunity to design a space anywhere in the world and without rules what you you do?

House in a private island.

– Describe yourself in three words.

Humble, dedicated, creative

Ezequiel Farca: on the Mexico's great designers
Yacht | 2009

– What are your dreams and goals professionally?

To continue to do what I like and what I am good at. I always say the best project is yet to come!

Now that you have read this exclusive interview with Ezequiel Farca tell us what do you think about his brilliant designs!

I want to say thanks to Mr Farca for having the opportunity to make this interview!

I hope you have enjoyed this interview.

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