Home office: 10 amazing design ideas

The home office can be arranged anywhere, depends on your fantasy. Home office can be both conservative and ultra-modern, if you wish to transform into the living room, or even move it with you around the house.

In fact, there are many people who wants to start a small business, and it will be foolish to refuse their  small dream come true only because of the fact that the cost of office rent  seems too big for them. Home office in several times will reduce costs and will allow to a new businessman to not be late for the work.

In addition, psychologists say that a cozy and comfortable home office will  help to significantly increase your productivity . True this statement  or not, at least in terms of functionality and beauty, comfortable and nice looking cabinet – is half of your success. And don’t forget that the home office – it’s not just a workplace,  it is a great way to express yourself.

Cool ideas of home office design are combined into one article for that you may find the right one for you.

Photos, cute little things, casket for small items, inherited from your grandmother, the original lamp and the unique chair from design studio Boca do Lobo, will bring to your home office a special and stylish atmosphere.


Visualize what you want most of all. Use boards and stickers with your wishes.


Functionality and order are very important, but never forget about beauty! In the home office, it is important to surround yourself items that will inspire you to labor feats!

home_office_6 home office

home_office_13 home office




Notice how perfectly fits desktop in this classic living room. The only disadvantage here, perhaps, is that you’ll  be sitting with your back to the window, which is not very well in terms of lighting.



Turn your window sill  into a desktop .


Hope you liked these ideas!

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