How to create a perfect atmosphere to your dining room- Mr. Grey will help you!

When does Love stops being awesome? I anticipated the answer to this question: never!

What are you waiting for? Valentine`s day is coming and not only you but everything around you needs to be perfect! Just in case you haven`t noticed, this article is being written by a girl. And believe me: in this case girls always know what they are talking about!

Make sure the girl is in the mood!
The world is giant and tiny. If one day you feel inside an entire ocean, on the other day you feel like you are living in a fish tank. If today you are mine, tomorrow you can be my enemy. But all of us need that adrenalin, right? Grab the girl, show her your feelings, and make sure that you two have smile on the face!


Cook something by yourself!

So, you don`t know how to cook? I don`t care! You can read, you know search, and if you are able to do it you are able to learn! Learn something for her, give your best, ask for help, but cook something thinking on her. Show her that you are able! Probably it will not be the best meal of her life, but certainly it will be the only one she knows that was made exclusively for her. Make her feels unique and don`t forget the chocolate…

Create the perfect ambience!

Forget the old flowers and candles! Create a seductive atmosphere with colors that stimulate your instincts and with a good lighting. If I were you I would bet on black and gold, you know, nowadays the gold is the new black, and these colors make any woman feel sexy! I’ll give you an example of a perfect ambience:

The Dorico| Bross
black dining table

The Etta | Delightfull


Not only the color but all lamp has a nostalgic feminine retro glow. Certainly, this lamp inspired on the jazz singer Etta Jones will provide to your space a soft and warm light, giving it a romantic ambiance.
And why not the Addicta mirror by Koket, full of design, to make or space an unique space?

154-0027_koket_adicta_mirror-1200x1200And if you commit the madness of renovating your dining room that day just for her? And if this place becomes a place where she will want to be every day of her life? Think about it 😉 Make your dining room a special place. And don`t forget to put on a good jazz playing.

If you want something else, go to the cinema!

The most anticipated movie of the year, 50 Shades of Grey, is about to be released by Valentine’s Day, and we are only a few days away from the release date!

To light up Mr. Grey’s apartment, Delightfull is gracing the set with the Turner table lamp and the Ike floor lamp, within its vintage collection. Boca do Lobo is setting the Diamond Sideboard and Pixel Anodized with the incredible and contemporary design for an exquisite and timeless décor. For a more animalistic approach and temperamental connection with nature, Brabbu presents the Sequoia Center Table and the Vellum Wall Light. Finally, complementing gracefully the décor, we have Koket that due to its passionate and highly desirable pieces is presenting the charming Burlesque Console and the exquisite Hypnotic Chandelier.

Inspire yourself while you are watching the movie 🙂

End your day as David Beckham and Victoria:


Do always your best, and the best will come to you!