ICFF 2015 talks: Kiki Smith, Roberto Palomba and more

Time to talk about ICFF 2015. As we all are used to, each year ICFF sets the stage for a remarkable education component with its series of ICFF Talks. And 2015 won’t be different.

ICFF 2015 talks: Kiki Smith, Roberto Palomba and more

If you’re going to ICFF 2015 in New York, you need to know which are the speeches you can’t lose.

ICFF 2015 talks: Kiki Smith, Roberto Palomba and more


Saturday, May 16, 2015 | ICFF 2015

A Decade of Launching Design Careers: A Reflection
Explore the search and discovery of emerging new talents, the inspirations, the challenges overcome and unique achievements in design that brought the finalists to ICFF Studio over the years – and in some cases catapulted them into amazing success stories and even stardom.
Moderator: Bernhardt Design TBD

ICFF 2015 talks: Kiki Smith, Roberto Palomba and more

Studio Printworks with Kiki Smith
FINE ART – DECORATIVE ART: A Cross Pollination
For seven years the New York-based wallpaper firm Studio Printworks has collaborated with some of the world’s great contemporary artists to create fine art wallpaper. These artists include Kiki Smith, Rob Wynne, Michele Oka Doner, Mark Fox, Shahzia Sikander, assume vivid astro focus, Christopher Makos, Paul Solberg and others. Join the discussion with artists, curators, and Studio Printworks president Dennis Shah and design director Temo Callahan. A demonstration of hand-screen wallpaper printing will be featured.
Moderators: Dennis Shah, President, Studio Printworks, Temo Callahan, Design Director, Studio PrintworksICFF 2015 talks: Kiki Smith, Roberto Palomba and more

Sunday, May 17, 2015 | ICFF 2015

Laufen, Design Intelligence
Design moves in a field of tension between art, architecture and emotion. In the case of the bathroom space, the products are serious – almost part of the architecture, and strongly connected to the building itself. Successful design is defined by sustainability, functionality and importantly lasting aesthetics, as they are not easy to change with fashion changes. To understand the process of bathroom design involves not only the properties of the materials used but also the production processes and know-how of the manufacturer. Please join Marc Viardot, Director of Marketing and Products for Laufen, and internationally acclaimed architect and designer, Roberto Palomba as they explore the intelligent integration of people, materials, and production processes so that high-quality, emotional and functional bathroom spaces arise. With this deep understanding of the industrial design process between architects and manufacturers, design professionals gain valuable insights into bathroom culture and how to leverage design intelligence to create their own unique room environments. We ask designers to avoid automatism, predictability and to challenge the material world in their own way to bring forth unexpected beauty and authenticity.
Presenters: Marc Viardot, Director of Marketing & Products, Laufen and acclaimed architect and designer, Roberto Palomba

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Cleasson Koivisto Rune on Designing Tables
“Evolution; Designing tables by CKR ”
Balanced, surprising, robust, light, iconic, architectural, extruded, striped and fundraising. The table is a non-static static. Join CKR in this lively discussion on table design.
The office’s design work spans from jewelry to large buildings – and over 30 unique tables. Represented in Sweden, Japan, France, Germany, USA and Uruguay, their architectural language has been called ‘the epitome of the aesthetics of the new millennium’ (Paola Antonelli, Design Curator at MoMA). Their furniture and product designs have been produced in Sweden, Finland, Denmark, Belgium, Germany, England, Italy, USA, and Japan. Claesson Koivisto Rune is the subject of five biographical publications, and their works appear in some 130 design/architecture books.
Presenters: Mårten Claesson, Eero Koivisto, and Ola Rune

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