The Latest Breaking News In The Architecture World 11

The Latest Breaking News In The Architecture World

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Written by Andreia Alves


📰 Peter Zumthor Reveals Revised LACMA Design for Los Angeles

The Latest Breaking News In The Architecture World

Peter Zumthor has revealed more details of a pared-back design for the LACMA expansion in Los Angeles. The proposal for the Los Angeles County Museum of Art was part of a final environmental impact report submitted for the $650-million project. Undergoing a series of changes over previous years, the latest design will still branch over Wilshire Boulevard with amorphous, sand-colored concrete galleries. The new expansion plan reduces both the expansion’s size and footprint.




📰 Eike Becker_Architekten and Hadi Teherani Won First Competition in Iran since 1979 Revolution

The Latest Breaking News In The Architecture World 2

These two Architects have won an architectural competition for the headquarters of the National Iranian Gas Company in Tehran; the first architectural competition in the country held according to international standards since the 1979 revolution. Praised by the jury for their “holistic approach,” the winning scheme is dedicated to the central principles of Iranian architectural history, leading them into modernity.


📰 New Housemuseum Galleries Open in Melbourne, Australia

The Latest Breaking News In The Architecture World 3

Australian architect Corbett Lyon’s expansion to the Lyon Housemuseum in Melbourne has opened. The new public galleries, located adjacent to the original museum, offer space for local and international events, as well as exhibitions and installations. After establishing the Lyon Housemuseum in 2009, Lyon and his wife have been expanding their collection with a range of work from the likes of Patricia Piccinini, Howard Arkley, and Brook Andrew.


📰 They Won A Competition for Shenzhen Bay “Culture Tower”

The Latest Breaking News In The Architecture World

Gerkan, Marg, and Partners (GMP) have won an international competition for the design of a new tower complex in Shenzhen’s “Super Bay City” business district. Consisting of three distinct blocks linked at the base, the primary tower of the Hengli International Building rises 250 meters to become an impressive landmark and a cultural destination for the new business district.


📰 Dominique Perrault Designs Athletes’ Village for Paris 2024 Olympics

The Latest Breaking News In The Architecture World 5

French architect Dominique Perrault has revealed the new masterplan and vision for the Paris 2024 Olympic and Paralympic village. Located in the city’s Seine-Saint-Denis district, the village was designed to integrate with the existing urban fabric along the banks of the river. Combining housing and offices with diverse programs, the project spans over 119,000 square meters across its entirety. At the conclusion of the games, the village is designed to become a new permanent community in Paris.


📰 The We Company Launches Future Cities Initiative with Studio Dror

The Latest Breaking News In The Architecture World 6

The We Company has announced plans to launch a Future Cities Initiative, hiring the head of Studio Dror and a former Google executive to lead the team. Dror Benshetrit and Di-Ann Eisnor will work with engineers, architects, data scientists, biologists, and economists to generate ideas addressing problems raised by globalization, urbanization, and climate change.


📰 LAD Reimagines a Public Square in Milan with Hanging Garden

The Latest Breaking News In The Architecture World 7

In the city of Milan, architecture firm LAD identified a busy roundabout with the potential to host a new public square typology. Sovraparco, literally “over the park,” is a design by the Italian firm to better utilize an existing area in the city, Piazzale Loreto, by infusing it with greenery and public space. The project intentionally does not impose on the surrounding buildings to revamp the area, but instead inserts itself into the central space and aims to rethink what belongs to the public sector.


📰 Paris Sports Center Photographed Through the Lens of Alexandra Timpau

The Latest Breaking News In The Architecture World 8

As a space to unify and reveal, the Wangari Maathai Center in the Saint-Blaise area of Paris was made to break free from constraints. Designed by Bruther, the center was created so inhabitants could appropriate the space. Now, photographer, Alexandra Timpau has captured the sports and cultural center through a series of new photographs. Through the images, Alexandra worked to show how the building adapted to the needs of the people living inside, through decoration, new temporary enclosures, and through the facade.


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📰 Downtown New York’s Tallest Residential Skyscraper Tops Out

The Latest Breaking News In The Architecture World 9

Rafael Viñoly’s 125 Greenwich Street skyscraper in downtown Manhattan has topped out. The 912-foot-tall luxury condominium skyscraper was designed as a slender structure with exposed concrete columns. Rising 88 stories, the project includes a curved glass façade to enhance the panoramic views of the Hudson River, the Statue of Liberty, the World Trade Center Complex, and the New York City skyline.


📰 Tsimailo Lyashenko and Partners Design Arching Residential Building in Moscow

The Latest Breaking News In The Architecture World 10

Architectural bureau Tsimailo Lyashenko and Partners have unveiled their concept for a new residential building on a high-density plot in the central district of Moscow. Situated along a river embankment, the scheme seeks to create a strong functional and visual connection between itself and the surrounding context.


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