Loft style: TOP 20 amazing interior design ideas

Nowadays, there are a huge number of different styles in the interior, one of which is a loft style – a modern style, the motto of which sounds like “minimum partitions, the maximum fresh air.”

The basic concept of this style is the arrangement of different architectural solutions. For example, a harmonious combination of the old (brick walls, stairs, pipes, not covered by the ventilation system, etc.) and something modern (new-fangled technology, metal and mirrors) in the same interior.

Loft style is ideal for those who prefer the air, the light and the space in their homes. I am sharing with you TOP 20 amazing interior design ideas in the loft style:

Loft style

The foundation of the style consists of different items: simple and functional furniture, large windows and almost complete absence of a decor.

BRABBUloft_1loft_2loft_3loft_4 Brick masonry, pipes and rough plaster are an integral part of the style.

loft_6loft_7loft_8loft_9High bright ceilings are a necessary component of the loft style. The more space and light a room has, the better it will be.


Non-standard accessories. All kinds of graffiti, posters, abstraction, or even traffic signs will be very relevant in the overall concept of the loft.


Loft style is the combination of old and new in the interior.


Hope you liked these ideas!

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