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Modern Bathrooms That Even Make The Queen Feel Jealous!

These Modern Bathrooms will make the Queen green with envy! 

P.S. don’t tell her!🤐


Written by René Verreet


Modern Bathrooms That Even Make The Queen Feel Jealous!

The sky is the limit when it comes to customization options, thanks to the design pieces and open space, you will always be able to make it 100% like you want it to be. With all of these examples, you will make a huge impression on the Queen.  The Queen has undoubtfully one of the nicest bathrooms in the world, what if I can assure you that you can have one that makes her feel jealous! Find some of the most beautiful modern bathrooms in this article.

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A modern bathroom has to be a nice place, where you feel comfortable and where you always have to be able to get some ‘me-time’. A modern one, adds that little touch of style so you can feel empowered by all the nice, high-quality materials that surround you So, are you in for a sneak peek into some modern bathrooms that even the Queen would like to have in Buckingham Palace😏?




Modern Bathroom Remodel Idea

Bathroom idea-design

This first example is one of a kind. It’s fully customizable, thanks to the open space and the separated furniture, this way you can customize every little detail in this modern bathroom. Making it always perfectly corresponding to your needs and wishes. In the example above we have tried to combine mid-century designer pieces with a touch of modernness, to make the room feel that little more special.


EH trends


Take a look at the Diamond Big Mirror that gives this modern bathroom an extraordinary look. This big mirror combines the esthetic looks of the mid-century and gives your bathroom an extra modern touch. The open bath, in the middle, gives accentuates the space of the bathroom. The colours used in the bathroom, a combination of blue and white with some golden touches, make this bathroom feel luxurious and special. Every design piece in this modern bathroom can be customized, making this bathroom always exactly how you want it to be. To make the Queen even more jealous you can change the plant and put the Ivete Palmtree lamp, making your bedroom way more special than hers.


Ambience bedroom and bathroom

Ambience bedroom and bathroom


Black and white, with a touch of gold. These are the colours that will make a modern bathroom stand out from the crowd. These colours, with the open space, create a luxurious environment without compromising comfort and modernity. The Queen would definitely want such a bathroom, as it is composed of the same colour as her favourite purse, metallic black. This colour will connect every designer piece in both the bathroom and bedroom. Check out the lights as well, every detail is metallic black, and thanks to the light it seems a little bit gold. You should diffidently go for the Charles suspension lighting above the bathtub, not only because of that amazing effect but also because it shines on the bath that and will, therefore, make ‘me-time’ even more relaxing. This accentuates this modern bathroom, as the light would fall onto the bath and reflect in different directions, making it even more unique.


Atomic bathroom

Atomic bathroom


The third bathroom is a special one. This bathroom mixes a luxury, modern, and mid-century style with art. Take a look at the round balls attached to the bathtub, they’re inspired by the atoms. To make it complete you could even opt for another lighting, you could choose for some extra atoms in the sky with the Atomic pendant. Like the previous modern bathroom, this one has metallic black in the main design piece.


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