Pop art is a popular and interesting style of the interior, which has recently again become more and more popular. This trend in interior design moved from fine art, which appeared in the 50s of the 20th century. Originally this style offered to consider various consumer goods, as objects of art.

From the title it is clear that this is  “popular art”, but that has long been unclear and not accepted by many critics and art historians. But despite this, the pop art went easily to everyday life of Americans first, and later of Europeans. Firstly, in the form of small paintings and sculptures, now pop art reached massive sizes, and can be found everywhere – on the wallpaper, textile, on clothing, in the form of stickers on cars, posters and signs.

In this article you will find 20 amazing ideas on how to use the pop art in the interior.


Pop art looks very good with clean, bright colors that do not clash with it.

pop_art_16 pop_art_15

The painting can be used with acidic vivid color, or have a few bright strokes.

pop_art_18 pop_art_19 pop_art_14 pop_art_13 pop_art_11

From the simplest – a portrait of a favorite dog, painted with the vivid colors, to the stylized photos of politicians and Hollywood stars.

pop_art_9 pop_art_8

In the pop art interior the main accent is not only for painting but also for a stylish design elements, like for example in the this picture you can see an unique lamp from DelightFULL which makes the interior extraordinary.

delightfull_graphic_lamp_collection_k_ambience pop_art_3 pop_art_02 pop_art_2 pop_art_01 pop_art_1 pop_art_7 pop_art_6 pop_art_5 pop_art_4 pop_art_03

Pop art is a combination of color and art.  Do not be afraid of color and do not limit yourself to express your emotions!

Hope you liked these ideas!

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