8 Scandinavian Design Ideas To a Better 2019!

White & Black Interiors Are Over! The Scandinavian Interior Trends of 2019.

Don’t get us wrong, while this year, bright, loving colors are the hit stop to get your home interior decor going with a blast, we will always love the Scandinavian style. Way behind the black and white interiors, this chic style is always a pleasure to visit. So, be prepared to get the Scandinavian design ideas for a perfect 2019!


1. It’s All About Balance.

8 Scandinavian Design Ideas To a Better 2018! 1

Lagoom, they called it. The way that only Scandinavian can do it, the right amount of everything. A symbol equilibrium and stability, this means you need to buy in the right amount. The previsions? That your Scandinavian bedroom decor will be the fortunate one to get on this train!

2. Tech-Free Spaces.

8 Scandinavian Design Ideas To a Better 2018! 8

Once again, we’re back to the bedroom. In a world where we’re constantly connected by everything, we need to find a space where we can relax and leave the world behind for some quality time with ourselves. The solution? A technology free bedroom.  How? Get the cozy knit blankets, warm rustic wood and combine it with the natural soothing greys and milky whites!

3.  Storage All Around.

8 Scandinavian Design Ideas To a Better 2018! 2

Storage has long been cabinets and closed closets. This year? No more of that! Get your home decor inspirations in the right place and follow this trend of storage as decor.  This Scandinavian decor trend that has been making a statement is all around, you just have to take a look. From designer clothing racks to kitchen organizers, everything is possible.

4. From New To Used.

8 Scandinavian Design Ideas To a Better 2018! 3

While leathers make a major statement, this 2019 home trend is used leather. Counting with our obsession with the mid-century style, used leather is making a comeback.  Get your hands on a leather-backed wooden chair and you’ll see how they can transform a room.

5.  Colour Splashes.

8 Scandinavian Design Ideas To a Better 2018! 4

As we’ve mentioned the era of all black and white interiors is over. So, get your hands on that blue hues and you’ll see how it will amaze your whole home interior decor!

6. Light & Paper.

8 Scandinavian Design Ideas To a Better 2018! 5

Giant paper lantern lights are always an ethereal home decor item to have. While they were one of the biggest trends of the last years, this year they seem to bring a must ethereal look to any kitchen design.

7. Children Room Must Have.

8 Scandinavian Design Ideas To a Better 2018! 6

What kid wouldn’t love sleeping in a tend? Try it and you’ll see how they will make your children room decor the one your kids will love.

8.  Graphic Wall Decor.

8 Scandinavian Design Ideas To a Better 2018! 7

Get your hands on some of the most original over-sized calendars! The benefits? Plenty! Such as you’ll always know the date, your eyes will thank you, and they are the perfect home decor item!

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