8 Scandinavian Living Rooms You'll Be Dreaming Of This Fall

8 Scandinavian Living Rooms You’ll Be Dreaming Of This Fall

These Scandinavian living rooms will make your dreams come true.

When it comes to Fall and Winter decor, the Scandinavian style doesn’t disappoint. It’s the best way to add a touch of minimalism, clean and fresh spaces with a very cozy feeling that it’s just perfect for these cold seasons. Today, we’re showing you 8 Scandinavian living rooms we simply adore, and how to get the same look!

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Clean living room…breeze coming through the windows..let’s have a little talk 👋🏼 Lately I’ve been reading comments(not just in my account),and it feels that people think me(and others) live an unattainable life. In essence that we project a lifestyle that is not sustained, unless someone is paying for it (parents or rich husband). I can’t speak for others but when it comes to myself,my life is far from perfect. So is my lifestyle far from expensive. My parents are not rich (hello struggling Greece?) and I actually made more than what my husband did last year(though we were very close). I moved to Oslo so I could work better, and I love it, but the expenses mean I don’t really put anything aside. I have to economize to buy things (like this amazing table you see here),the shelves where on sale used and the couch actually does not belong to me, it came with the apartment. I make just enough money to live and while I’d love to be more secure, I choose this life and I’m proud for what I’ve accomplished so far. I read how people don’t read magazines anymore, or unfollow people that live extra lives because they can’t relate with them and they feel it’s fake. I’m here to tell you my life is far from extra. In fact I’m willing to bet most of the people that follow me live a much more comfortable life than me. I’m not sure why would anyone think my life is fake really. I budget, I pay my bills, if I can afford something I buy it, I certainly don’t have money for all luxuries but I choose where to spend my earnings on.I don’t have any advices, I m just here to say that you should take a look at the people you follow. You might be surprised when you look at the details of their lives and not just a photo they put on Instagram or you might see at a magazine. Good talk!

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Only Deco Love, a multi-talented Oslo based architect studio is the one behind this stunning Scandinavian living room in tones of white.  Marble accents and a statement stool keep the design interesting and trendy, showcasing contemporary details that we adore. All you need is the perfect neutral sofa and the right accessories and you’ll grab this look easily.

This small living room corner is just the perfect way to tone it down, relax and hide away from the world. For a Fall or Winter night, it’s the right spot to sit down and get creative, read a book and enjoy your fresh living room. A minimalist side table is your perfect choice for this design, as well as some wooden details that will surely make the difference in your space.

It’s not all about whites in your living room if you’re trying to accomplish the right Scandinavian look. In fact, adding some black or grey furniture pieces, as well as beiges, could be the right way to go. Take a step back and look at your space, and how it completes the remaining home decor. A white rug underneath darker pieces can make the whole look come together.

What about a mix of dark and white colors? Metal details on center tables, a white minimalist sofa and beautiful dark pillows and frames on wallpaper art bring a sober look to your living room that you’ll absolutely adore. Drape a fluffy blanket over your sofa and it’s the perfect final detail that will set the tone for comfort.

Wooden and cork inspired furniture pieces are a beautiful way to add the Scandinavian touch to your living room. In this Norwegian home, discrete wood paneling doubles as wall art. The right lighting piece can really complete the look, especially with a darker tone. Try adding a statement center piece and watch it come together rather beautifully.

Refined Design Studio, an interior design firm based in Stockholm, created this stunning interior, with a show-stopping chandelier and statement armchairs that elevate the entire decor of the space. One look and you’ll fall in love with it, just as we did.


Hanna Chandelier (GET PRICE)


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Esittelimme Harmaja Saimaan vuoden 2017 Asuntomessuilla Mikkelissä. Loft-henkinen Harmaja Saimaa on täysin uusi talomalli suuren suosion saavuttaneeseen Harmaja-talomallistoon. Se suunniteltiin asiakasperheen toiveiden mukaan ympäröivää maisemaa kunnioittaen. Saimaa-näkymien hyödyntäminen on ollut suunnittelun kantava voima. Isot maisemaikkunat yhdistävät talon sisätilat ympäröivään luontoon ja tuovat huikeat järvinäköalat osaksi sisustusta. Upeasta messusisustuksesta vastasi taitava @susanna_vento 🤗 Tänä vuonna Kannustalolla ei ole messukohdetta Kouvolan asuntomessuilla, mutta toivotamme mukavia ja inspiroivia messuja kaikille kävijöille! . #kannustalo #harmaja #harmajasaimaa #mikkelinasuntomessut #asuntomessut2017 #asuntomessut #koti #talomalli #talopaketti #ajatonkoti #modernikoti #loft #modernitalo #suomalainenkoti #finnishhome

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This Finnish sitting room features natural elements on full display through the floor-to-ceiling windows, with stunning terracotta elements that make for an incredible design. With a living room such as this one, Fall will be your new favorite season, especially with the amount of comfort you’ll experience.

Niki Brantmark’s home in Skåne, Sweden, is a Scandinavian dream come true. This raw wooden center table is just perfect for this particular style, and a wall gallery with such sober tones can really make the whole living room feel much warmer and inviting.

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