Shabby Chic Interior Design Ideas

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Do you want to give your home a feminine touch? Or maybe you just own a soft cottage but yet need an elegant style.

Well chabby chic style is the perfect interior design for you. It is an elegant style that uses a lot of neutral tones and bright interiors. And it fits every home perfectly from beach houses to the most luxurious homes.

So take a look at these ideas and give your home an elegant and femenine ambience with shabby chic style. Get inspired as we did!


Living roomshabby-chic-style-interior-design-ideas

To have the shabby chic style in your living room you have to go with white all over, from furniture to the walls. Then just had some pink and purple tones with details like pillows and candles. And fresh flowers are always a nice and elegant touch to every living.


The key color of shabby chic style is white all over, but if you want to give a romantic and a more cottage look to your bedroom, flower pattern is your best choice.

Dinning roomshabby-chic-style-interior-design-ideas

The perfect shabby chic style living room is, of course, white all over. This is a perfect decoration idea for a big family, and you can have some stylish details like using different chairs. The chandeliers is very important to give a more romantic and feminine touch and always have a table center piece.


This is a lovely inspiration of a totally shabby chic style kitchen. The key is always to use white walls and cabinets and then go with neutral colors at teh decoration details.


Delightfull Catalogue



A nice shabby chic style bathroom is always in neutral tones. Here you have the perfect idea for a romantic, elegant and feminine bathroom. It has the classic white furniture and the decoration details in pink color. But my favourite detail is the giant white mirror, that gives it the perfect girly touch.


To have the perfect shabby chic style in you home you have to consider the most important, but not ever considered – the entrance hall. So here you have a lovely idea that uses not only the classic white color but hads a little grey at the furniture and lamps and gives it a more modern touch to this shabby chic style decoration.And this the perfect decoration idea to welcoming your guests at your home.


And this is my favourite shabby chic style decoration idea. It is a combination of the classic shabby chic style with the white furniture but has a twist of the modern style using retro lines and an awesome white chandelier. This idea can bought suit a living room but I think it would be just perfect for an entrance of a modern shabby chic style home. By the way about the chandelier, my favourite piece here, it is from Delightfull, and they have the most amazing vintage lighting pieces from all times.


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