Start Your Week Inspired By These Bedroom Design Ideas

Another week, another room!

Have a nice week everyone! Today’s topic is something to make you start your week with some inspiration. Are bedroom design ideas what you have been looking for? Then look nowhere else, you just found it!


Start Your Week Inspired By These Bedroom Design Ideas 6

Your bedroom was probably the first room you ever helped to decorate. Perhaps your parents let you pick out your favorite paint color for the walls, or a duvet cover featuring your favorite cartoon character or Disney princess. As grown-ups, we can make our bedroom decor as wild and wonderful we like. Decorating a bedroom is a chance to really reflect your personal style and create a look you absolutely love.

Start Your Week Inspired By These Bedroom Design Ideas 2

This is why we feel we should give you some tips on home decoration ideas. You love so many different styles, how can you put all of them together in one room? Don’t worry, we got you!

Don’t Be Afraid Of Wallpapers

Start Your Week Inspired By These Bedroom Design Ideas

Bring the outdoors in and create a cozy retreat by opting for a wood panel effect wallpaper for your bedroom. This style of paper is ideal for creating a faux architectural detail and adding interest to your space, without breaking the bank. Continue to work the woodland trend by mixing in chunky knits throws and Scandi-inspired details with pops of primary colors for an unexpected twist. The perfect look for your master bedroom design.

Rock The Neutrals

Start Your Week Inspired By These Bedroom Design Ideas 3

The furniture in this neutral attic bedroom makes the best use of space, with two rich wood sleigh beds, small bedside tables and a tallboy for overnight storage. Make the room welcoming with chunky knitted throws and stylish buttoned cushions. A Roman blind and printed cushions make a small window seat a dreamy spot. The special thing about this room is that it’s not only neutral, it also rocks some vintage vibes.

Make It Unique

The bedroom space it’s not just about the bed, you can also rock your dressing table. In this case, turn it into your little art studio. When you can’t find the right ‘traditional’ dressing table, use a console table and a kitchen stool instead. Can you see how cool it looks? A Summer decor worth bedroom!

Start Your Week Inspired By These Bedroom Design Ideas 4

Then rather clutter up the tabletop with a box, you can come up with an ingenious hanging station for jewelry. Nervous about getting your mirror height right? Rather than hang it, rest it on your table.

Go Soft On Storage

Start Your Week Inspired By These Bedroom Design Ideas 5

Choose a corner and use it to create a budget wardrobe and dressing area. Take a cue from clothing boutiques and opt for a walk-in arrangement made from a hanging rail and curtains – a casual, purse-friendly alternative to a wooden wardrobe. Choose sheer curtains in a single-tone pattern and hang from a slender track. Bring in a floor-standing clothes rail to store all those pretty dresses and snazzy suits. Not only simple and cute but appealing for your relaxed home decor.


We hope you enjoyed our collection of bedroom design ideas for you. What do you think? Are you inspired to redesign your holy space? Let us know your thoughts, needs, and wishes and leave a comment. You can find more inspiration and information about interior design, DIY ideas, and events in the other articles on home design ideas.